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Actors have joined the variety show   cross border gimmicks can play how long? – Entertainment Channel — original title: cross-border gimmick can play how "cross king" Liu Tao Hailu Qin (left) and Guo Qilin Zhou Jie (right) in the cooking show comic debut won industry praise actors in addition to what acting can do? The answer is almost impossible. Last night, "the king of comedy" and "cross my dress" in Beijing satellite TV and the Oriental TV broadcast, a large number of actors to challenge the comedy and fashion design, some more than expected, more is to let a person look embarrassed. In fact, the recent flagship cross licensing variety show has been more and more, but the audience is no longer feel fresh, if the stars did not come up with the strength to conquer everyone, this gimmick will soon be rotten vulgar.     cross-border; some are good, some stiff "cross-border comedy king", the most anticipated natural is the debut variety show of the world table tennis champion Deng Ya Ping, she received numerous honors in the sports field, but it is the first time performing comedy. The show, she brought together the same as table tennis players wearing pajamas husband, cute appearance, interpretation of things in their life, bold expression but also the woman at home in the field, about them when faced with small friction, yiyanbuge play table tennis, pan, kitchen knife can be used as the racket. About the performance of Deng Ya Ping, that the audience, a little nervous, but they jerky, works in combination with their own expertise, still have to watch. "Brother" Fei Yuqing played the lead in the program, he and Kennan white to perform a skit on Steven Liu, Cai Qin, Jay Chou, Luo Dayou and other singers are God imitation, the same is not out of his musical expertise. Most beyond expectations is Zhou Jie, he put on his coat and help the guests to play Sun Nan fit that comic, he was inside that play stability, surprise. In Qiong Yao drama won the "letter of tears" Queen Lan Qin also shows her tragic strengths, will "meihuasannong" breakthrough and adaptation, famous in "happy" in the comedy comedy actor poplar partner, although Lan Qin is a bit nervous, but overall performance let the audience laugh with tears "thus, the first field. Another show "my new clothes", Fan Bingbing, Lin Chiling, gathered Wu Xin, Wang Likun, Zhang Li and other different styles of actresses, let them show the concept of fashion and design attitude through their own personally designed clothing. For their performance, "said someone responsible for standing on the stage the United States and the United States is good, some people slightly dissatisfied," brand is more and more big, but they are in the flattery, we do not see the idea and design process of the designer, you can not see the original dress hastily in the background busy, less real feeling, and the star effect is very big". Just the end of the "cross-border" singer actor Wang Kai, Liu Tao and others to show their voice, show ratings and reputation are very impressive. The audience likes to say, let the actor cross-border singing concept is an innovative program, "it is nonsensical for these actors is not present, but the key to show the actor)相关的主题文章:

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