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Chengdu, the national day to play here Sahuan wild! Avoid people crowded! Sohu (the WeChat tourism public number Chengdu tour around ID:cdzhoubian, welcomed the attention ~ ~) a National Day holiday a year, although the peak travel, but good scenery always attracts a lot of people, a sister this time for everyone to find the point of loading capacity of large step step, even if people many people are not afraid of the picture! The national trust is a part of Ejinaqi travel ~ "hero", let Ejinaqi poplar famous throughout the world, ten days after the National Day every year is the best time to travel, become a lot of buddy said national day first stop and go! Only once a year the beautiful bloom, there are beautiful poplar forest and the fourth in the world, the ancient Badan Jilin desert on the Silk Road, the most complete grand Blackwater City, a road through Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Qinghai, etc., half a Chinese after playing together! Beautiful sand of Oz Juyanhai, annual autumn season, the sky was clear, reeds swaying, the moment when the sun set, you really will feel the infinite spectacular Gobi haizi! Of course, fourth of the world’s Badan Jilin desert can not be missed, compared to other desert, Badain Jilin more of a tender, annual rainfall of less than 40 mm, but the lake in the desert more than and 100! Desert straight down the long river of the yen, run free in the Badan Jilin desert, in the sunset, feel the outside of customs! In this escape the shackles of the city, just roll Sahuan, camel riding, slippery sand, sandy desert sunset, go kart, complete the release of your nature! TIPS 8 day car route: DAY1: Chengdu – Hanzhoung (proposal No. 30 on the afternoon, about 5 hours or so) DAY2: Hanzhoung – Yinchuan (over Qinling Mountains, via Xi’an, the Loess Plateau, Yinchuan tour, Yinchuan Night Live) DAY3: Yinchuan – Inner Mongolia – Alashan – Gobi – Ejinaqi DAY4 Uligi Su desert Ejinaqi: all day long visit (Populus euphratica forest, black city ruins, hongchengzi) DAY5 Ejina: Blackwater city and strange forest — Juyanhai – DAY6: Badan Badan Jilin desert Jilin desert wild delight (all day long desert, Badain lake, Badan Jilin desert world) DAY7: Badan Jilin desert Sunrise – Alashan – Linxia cooperation banner DAY8: Linxia – Chengdu Lugu Lake Yunnan to play not cut Lugu Lake, are not willing to Lugu Lake, quietly hiding in the mountains, waiting for you to discover! At present, the beautiful Ge Sanghua also opened, very comfortable! National day to cut this more people, playing sister suggested a day ahead of departure! To enjoy the tranquility of the Lugu Lake folk characteristics and Mosuo people, in the morning sit Zhu Caochuan, breathe the fresh air of Lugu Lake! And then go to some bridge, Valentine’s beach, Los water, and so on ~ cut many Caohai Lugu Lake buddy said, the most beautiful scenery in Lugu Lake is the most beautiful Rigby, Rigby Peninsula, because the grid in the peninsula straight into the lake, surrounded by water on three sides, make you more comfortable feeling of the scenery here! In addition to tscherrig)相关的主题文章:

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