An analysis of the passive security system of Geely 步步高i606

Analysis of Geely’s passive security system recently, in 2016 C-NCAP third batches of security crash results announced, causing the attention of various media, automotive safety once again become the focus of the topic. In this result, Geely Bo with 58.2 points in one fell swoop to refresh the C-NCAP version of the standard SUV test record, but also get the highest score in the same batch of six models, beyond BMW, Ford and other joint venture brands. A lot of people have been attracted to the point of view of the security performance of Geely, there are a lot of small white party said, can only understand scores, but do not know what C-NCAP in the assessment? Popular science C-NCAP test, literacy passive security today, we take Geely Bo as an example, popular science under the C-NACP test. The C-NCAP test consists of 100% frontal collision with a rigid wall barrier, a deformable moving barrier side impact, a frontal 40% overlap deformable barrier crash, and a whipping experiment with four collision items. The reality of the 2015 edition of the standard, due to the retention of the 3 forms of real vehicle crash test on the basis of an increase of whiplash test, the standard is more stringent and comprehensive, known as the history of the most stringent standards. Although the test project sounds a little academic, but in essence, C-NCAP test is the assessment of the passive safety of the car. So, what is passive safety? In the process of consumer car selection, security is often seen as a series of active security configuration, such as reversing images, adaptive cruise. In fact, the safety of a car is a vehicle design, process, quality and high-tech configuration of the results of a comprehensive match. Active safety configuration can reduce or avoid the risk of accidents, while passive safety is to maximize the mitigation of accidents caused by injury. It can be said that the passive safety test is the most important basic aspects of a car safety. Bo’s body structure, so hard? Then, the basic safety work of a car should be how to develop? The first step is the body structure. A good body structure can be used to simulate the initial reinforcement of the house. Some houses, after hundreds of years of wind and rain can not stand; some houses, there will be a slight earthquake cracks. So is the car body structure. C-NCAP positive 100% overlap rigid barrier collision, mobile deformable barrier side impact, positive 40% overlap deformable barrier crash test, is through the different angle, strength and speed of impact test car, the car body structure test. Bo Yue in the three collision project, A, B, C column no obvious deformation, no obvious deformation of the roof. Four doors can be opened normally to facilitate self rescue. After the high speed impact test, the rebound distance is short, which shows that the structure of the front end of the vehicle is fully absorbed. The high strength cage body made of high strength steel plate. Botop body is higher than that of 300Mpa steel accounted for about 78%, the strength of 300Mpa means that can withstand 30 kg per square millimeter of tension. High strength steel plate forms a "cage" structure safety framework, and constructs the protection of occupant safety barrier. Soft and hard structure with the completion of the collision energy absorption and collapse, the protection of the crew cabin. Not only that, when the vehicle was hit,.相关的主题文章:

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