Thrilling! Nanyang, a truck brake pipe through the windshield was t6570

Thrilling! Nanyang, a truck brake pipe through the windshield was a breathtaking scene scene photo reporter Xu Lei newspaper news (reporter Xu Lei correspondent Zhu Xu) is a large truck ran fast, suddenly found in front of the light turned red, a car braking result contained in steel slide broke the front office, and the front windshield. Yesterday morning, this thrilling scene occurred Yingbin Avenue and the Yellow River Road intersection in the city, in the passenger seat of the people not in time to avoid a disaster. On the same day at 10:10 in the morning, a red semi-trailer along Yingbin road traveling from east to west to the intersection of the Yellow River Road, saw the red light at the junction, the driver brakes, two steel pipes inside the illegal loading due to inertia effect from the front sliding to the car, the vehicle at this time is not completely stopped falling in front of the one pipe in turn. The front windshield broken line passenger seat. When on duty in the Swat brigade police detachment traffic management witnessed the accident, also scared into a cold sweat. They immediately stepped forward to see, found that the truck belongs to the accident caused by the brakes. The sudden accident frightened the driver, but the passenger seat occupant dodge timely, to avoid a disaster. After the driver of the police criticized the education and help to take out the steel pipe, re loading according to the provisions. The 2 (Nanyang Evening News) today: Zhengzhou thermal siblings abandoned underground cold shivering today hot smell: 90 girls beauty a beauty needle right eye blindness risk net exposure in Shangqiu only two female college students dormitory were exposed Zhengzhou Longhai Road brawl truth Zijingshan road large crane operation site serious congestion Henan billionaire murder 16 years after the acquisition of new DNA card man in the treatment of heart is not happy at the nurse beaten hair相关的主题文章:

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