30% college students cheat failed in the National Day holiday; please pay special attention to www.s9797s.com

30% college students cheat   failed in the National Day holiday; please pay special attention to the 6 big scam – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn original title: 30% students fangpian failed in the National Day holiday please pay special attention to the 6 big scam Jiangsu is one of the most affected areas of telephone harassment; the National Day holiday, the people of Nanjing need to guard against the false winning, mobile phone recharge, identity impersonation, flight delays, flight cancellations and other common fraud routine; 30% students cheated easily stepped into various pits; people aged 45 or above are most vulnerable to fraud…… During the holiday, 360, TouchPal technology, ant gold clothing and many other organizations have issued fangpian report and typical case, for the public holiday safety anti cheat reminder. Advertising sales accounted for 30% of Jiangsu hit the country ranked the top ninth assuming that the total number of mobile phone users in China for the current total of 1 billion people, then the average daily per person will receive nearly 1 harassing phone calls. Analysis of harassing phone calls released by the phone, the phone number, the number of harassing phone numbers in the number of harassing phone number is only 6.61 days. In the meantime, the average number of calls per harassing phone number is 328 times, the average duration of each call is 29 seconds. It is worth mentioning that, although only a short period of 6.61 days of survival, but the average number of harassing phone calls per user actually as many as 255, while the most powerful harassing phone harassment is the user of the 1207534. Touch treasure big data center data show that the type of harassing phone calls from the point of view, advertising has become the main mobile phone users harassment type, accounting for 30.1%. And has been plagued by mobile phone users’ ringing phone has declined. At the same time, fraud phone, real estate agency in the proportion of harassing phone calls increased, in the fraud call, financial fraud accounted for nearly 4. In addition, the identity of the fraudulent phone fraud phone type, also showed an upward trend, accounting for up to 26.3%. In the area of distribution of harassing phone calls, economically developed regions and provinces are more likely to be harassing phone calls. Among them, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong ranked the top three, Jiangsu is also the hardest hit, ranked the country’s ninth. Nanjing, such as the top prize winning fraud up to more than 45 years of harassment data analysis shows that the user characteristics of different provinces of the user received a fraud phone is also different. In the case of Beijing, financial fraud, real estate intermediary fraud and ticket fraud, and some two or three line city in Jiangsu, Nanjing as an example, false winning fraud, fraud, identity fraud posing as mobile phone recharge in 29.8%, 22.1%, 16.6% occupy the top three. At the same time, in the past year, the total number of harassing phone calls received by male users is nearly two times the total number of harassing calls received by female users. From the distribution of harassing phone users to listen to the age distribution, the number of users 25 to 34 years of age received harassing phone calls the most, followed by the age of 35 to 44. However, the proportion of respondents from harassing phone calls, although the number of users over the age of 45, although the proportion is not high, but the probability of being harassed is very large. It is worth mentioning that fraudsters are user insight of the high相关的主题文章:

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