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Critical discourse analysis of the media image of the migrant workers – the media – people.com.cn source: "Western Journal" in 2016 8 Abstract: the construction of social media group of media image affects the whole social cognition to the community and public emotion. This paper from the perspective of critical discourse analysis to the mainstream media, "people’s Daily" in Sina micro-blog on micro-blog text and images of migrant workers as the research object, analysis of the media image of the migrant workers, and to reveal the hidden ideology and power. Key words: migrant workers; media image; critical discourse analysis CLC number: G206.2 document code: A article number: CN61-1487- (2016) 08-2-0049-02, the media image of the migrant workers of migrant workers in today’s society is still considered "vulnerable groups", and social cognition and the media construction of this group’s media image has great association. "The media as a" social public "and" construction is mainly responsible for public space ", always unconsciously representing migrant workers in front of the world’s image, effectively construct the image of the identity of migrant workers.". [1] has been the media for migrant workers in the construction of the media image of the existence of stereotypes, patterns and other characteristics, in the narrative also presents the characteristics of the type. The common narrative types are: the narrative of suffering, the narrative of negative behavior, the positive narrative of hero, the narrative of love and neutral narration. [2], the "people’s Daily" on its official micro-blog report on migrant workers groups mostly adopt the narrative of suffering and love of the narrative. In the suffering narrative, migrant workers to the suffering of the main image is "reproduction", under the care of narrative, migrant workers appear as "Immanuel" image, accept the care and help of the party and the government. These two types of narrative inevitably lead to the ideological side of the one-sided, so that the social masses of migrant workers to deepen the stereotype. Two, critical discourse analysis theory of critical discourse analysis as a discourse analysis method, not only depicts the discourse practice ", and" reveals how discourse is composed of a relationship between power and ideology, reveals the discourse role for the construction of social identity, social relationship and knowledge and belief system". [3] Fairclough (Fairclough) three-dimensional analysis model proposed mainly from the three aspects of text, discourse practice and social practice, discourse analysis. [4], whether in the form of text or the practice of discourse itself, inevitably involves the involvement of ideological elements. Holland linguist Dick (Van Dijk) the Vatican? That news text includes three aspects: the discourse structure of the micro structure of language (lingustic, microstructure) (thematic macrostructure) macro theme structure and super macro structure (organizational superstructure). [5] the micro structure of language, including the use of word order and sentence words; macro structure mainly involves the theme; including super macro structure)相关的主题文章:

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