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A week Changchun Hualian formal heating District why not? In October 30th, Changchun in 2016 ushered in the first snow, after the heavy snow, the temperature suddenly dropped, the 31 day, the lowest temperature has reached 11 degrees below zero, however, Changchun Hualian district still has not started heating…… Public: Hualian area has not heating home like "icehouse" on the 31 day, Changchun contact Jilin public Liu China said, Changchun officially heating has been a week, but Hualian district has not been heating, after the heavy snow, the temperature lower, no heating conditions, there is no way to stay home…… "It is too cold, wearing a down jacket at home are cold, like" ice cold. "Like, this is minus ten degrees, let alone the elderly and children, young people can not stand." Liu said that from the beginning of the heating he found that the family has not been able to test the water, has repeatedly contacted the relevant departments to ask why, but has not been satisfied with the answer. "Now I even contacts do not contact, really don’t know what to do, I hope you can help us." Mr. Liu said. Which heating enterprise? Why is it not hot? Merge small boiler heating enterprises this year for 25 days, in accordance with the requirements of the city government Changchun started heating, today is the seventh day, many lucky people also realized in advance of heating benefits, so, why not now Hualian district heat? Which heating company is responsible for heating the district? With these questions, China Jilin reporter first contacted the housing heating, heating information display in previous years, the East three road near Hualian District owned enterprises is heating heating room. "Due to the merger of small boilers, this year the district is not responsible for the heating of the us." The heating room staff, were they responsible Hualian district heating work, but the beginning of 2016 changed Changchun Tianyu Ruibang Energy Technology Co. Ltd.. So why now there is no heating District, they are not very clear. The construction has not yet completed the effect of heating gas then Chinese Jilin network reporter onward connection to Changchun Tianyu Ruibang Energy Technology Co. Ltd., the staff said, Hualian district is still no heating thing they know, but also very anxious, because the gas project has not been completed, heating work can not be. "The government also attaches great importance to this matter, has been informed of the gas engineering construction sector must complete the transformation as soon as possible." Staff said that the gas project is more complex, and now can not give accurate time, but it will not be too long. Deferred heating costs will be returned to the owners, the delay in heating costs for this period, we will conduct statistics, will be returned to the owners." Staff said that even if the return period of heating costs, residents will be very dissatisfied, but before the gas project is completed, they really can not heating. In this regard, the residents also say their ideas. "Every year to pay heating costs, who do not miss this cost, we now want to give us as soon as possible heating, so Yang相关的主题文章:

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