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After a pleasant conscious face with fans that the short term will not return to remember "hero alliance" well-known "actress" ah Yi? The former is due to generation of events into friends known as "gaming film" girl has disappeared for a long time. After the incident, she only played for a while during the Olympics, and it was clear that the fans were unable to accept her return. Actress A Yi today, tired of the circle in the Q & a logging in, love pink asked A Yi: don’t quit live ah, do you think we owe it more to live brings a smile to make up for us! Not yizoulezhi ah! There is love in the Q & A area logging powder tired to ask A Yi the answer finally got a positive response to A Yi, we are going to listen to what she said: thanks again in support of my fans, I’m really sorry, you still, but I feel no face to face you, I really do not have the courage. If I really have a chance to start anew sowing of words, I will continue to work hard, make their own adjustments, I really don’t want to now this image appears in front of you, I would like to take a more joy, more sincere image appears in front of you. I think that’s the way you’ve been supporting me. (the above text to speech record, voice source logging tired LOL anchor ring quiz) fans talk about, O Yi tears is not difficult to see, in fact, Yi still want to continue to live, just because it had trouble movement too, cause a lot of support for her fans was ultimately cruel face, love the most deep hate most, although now want to live, but now it is certainly not return, estimated she still waiting for a chance, as for the time, who are not allowed to say. (source: swim fast network editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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