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Beijing – VIDEO – Chongqing hundred elderly talent Chongyang Chongqing 100 each have a joyous gathering to celebrate the old talent show to celebrate the festival have a joyous gathering [comment] October 9th Chongyang Festival, Chongqing Fuling wine town hundreds of elderly people have a joyous gathering, singing and dancing, playing games, spent a happy holiday. Day morning, the old people in the volunteers helped sitting together, crosswords, chorus "September nine wine", play flower drum dance and celebrate the festival of double ninth. This nearly one hundred elderly, the oldest is 93 years old, and the elderly due to mobility, can only watch the show in a wheelchair. Nevertheless, when the live music sounded, they clap and sing along with the beat, with a happy smile on his face. The old man told reporters, so many friends together, as well as young volunteers to come with them, they are very happy. The same period [] (Guo Tianxiao) today so many people (together) over the Double Ninth Festival, I am very happy. (Liang Shunrong) I can’t sing anymore, I feel like I’m still satisfied. (Ms. Fu) today ushered in our old own festival Double Ninth Festival, a large group of young friends with you and we are together, for me, really very happy very happy. [interpretation] at the same time in the show, there is a door for the elderly barber volunteers, named Shi shi. She told reporters that she worked in the vicinity of the school, from the beginning of the year, she will come here every month for the elderly barber. [the same period] (volunteer Xiang Shihua) because they are some of these people are wheelchair inconvenient, want to give them love. How long have you been here? I’ve been here for half a year. Reporter Jiang Xijia Chongqing, Fuling reports相关的主题文章:

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