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Bestie intervention? Facing the South Korean President Park Geun hye took the biggest crisis since the Sohu news even day, Cui Shunshi behind Pu Jinhui’s cronies thing caused a great disturbance in the dry after South Korea, another Korean nationals trapped in despair. Although the park "to the National Book" published apology in the event after exposure, but unable to quell the doubts, the support rate plummeted. For the term left in one year and four months, Pu Jinhui, the event has become its biggest political crisis since taking office. "Exposure to South Korean JTBC TV 24 daily Cui Shunshi door" said South Korean President Cui Shunshi in the entrusted property disposal office computer trusted, found more than and 200 papers including 44 copies of the speech, the president. The Taiwan pointed out that the file open time before the president’s speech, and no doubt some official appointment Cui modifying speech Shunshi. Because of the presidential palace in only a handful of staff have the right to review, if leakage is true, it will be with the serious nature of the national discipline disorder event. After that, according to Cui Shunshi JTBC television and the computer file disclosure, December 28, 2012, to designate President Park Geun hye and President Lee Myung-bak alone talks 4 hours before Cui Shunshi talks in two, got the relevant speech "dialogue documents". It is reported that the document relates to national security confidential information. JTBC speculated that Cui may even know the actual dialogue between Pu Jinhui and Lee Myung-bak. JTBC television said it would further analysis and interpretation of the remaining documents. Pu Jinhui "to the National Book" clarification on the afternoon of 25, South Korean President Park Geun hye published book "national" to clarify that Cui Shunshi was in the presidential election campaign issues when it puts forward personal opinions and feelings, was also responsible for providing advice on the part of speech, the wording of the draft publicity. Pu Jinhui pointed out that after she took office as president, has also been part of the information to seek the views of Cui, but Chong Wa Dae and the formation of the staff mechanism, no longer seek their ideas. Pu Jinhui said that the intention is more comprehensive to deal with documents, but no matter what the cause, the cause of national concern, surprise and sorrow, make her feel guilty. Park Geun hye finally said, apologize to all the people. Cui Shunshi admitted to amend the speech of South Korea’s "world news" reported on 27, said the suspected intervention of South Korean President Park Geun hye confidant Cui Shunshi accept the "world news" in an interview with German Hesse, in park Geun hye was elected president for a period of time after the Chong Wa Dae did receive information, and modify the recognition of Park Geun hye in the presidential election period was notes, but denied the rest. On the day before the Pu Jinhui review presidential speech to all national apology, Cui Shun talk Pu Jinhui one for the country, I’m sorry to park controversy. Whether modify the script, Cui shun the truth during the presidential election in order to help Pu Jinhui to express the voice of altered, but it was not much, do not know if this is a state secret. About whether the Chong Wa Dae review report, Cui Shunshi, President elect Pu Jinhui has received the relevant report by e-mail, but the Chong Wa Dae received daily report book or early review report with a tablet computer.相关的主题文章:

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