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China Navy held joint and multinational naval navigation exercises original title: Navy and the multinational naval navigation exercises held a joint JINGWAH times news local time on February 9th, China naval escort fleet twenty-first Liuzhou ship, Sanya ship, on behalf of China Navy successfully completed see second India international regatta in the sea, off the coast of Vee Shaka Putnam and the multinational naval the ship held a joint exercise of navigation. This walkthrough, India "virrat" aircraft carrier, the Calcutta destroyer 17 ships, and from Chinese, such as Britain and the United States 10 ships in 8. At 7 o’clock in the morning, China naval exercises started, in turn with the multi-national naval vessels to anchor their respective predetermined waters. 12 pm, at the India navy "virrat" aircraft carrier under the command of each participating country ships in the same course and speed, divided into 4 ranks, ocean array. Each participating naval uniform hanging battle flag group in India "virrat" aircraft carrier under the guidance of staggered. Subsequently, the participating foreign warships conducted exercises, such as column transform line formation, and to the United States "Titan" missile cruiser as the leading ship, part of the international fleet, meet with India fleet, sailing ceremony held. 17 PM, after the end of the drill, the Chinese naval fleet left India sea. Chinese navy ships arrived in India on 2 anchor Vee Shaka Putnam. During the Indian Navy, Chinese navy officers and men attended the India Maritime Exhibition, the International Maritime Conference, the maritime cruise ship style, the city cruise and other activities. (news agency) editor: the flourishing SN123

中国海军与多国舰艇举行联合过航演练   原标题:我海军与多国舰艇举行联合过航演练   京华时报讯 当地时间2月9日,中国海军第二十一批护航编队柳州舰、三亚舰,代表中国海军圆满完成参阅印度第二届国际海上阅舰式后,在维沙卡帕特南外海与多国海军舰艇举行了联合过航演练。   此次演练,有印度“维拉特”号航母、“加尔各答”号驱逐舰等17艘舰艇,以及来自中国、美国、英国等8国的10艘舰艇参加。   上午7时许,演练正式开始,中国海军舰艇与多国海军舰艇依次起锚,各自奔赴预定海域。12时许,在印度海军“维拉特”号航母的指挥下,各参演国舰艇按照相同的航向、航速,分成4列横队,列阵大洋。   各参演舰艇统一悬挂战斗旗组,在印度“维拉特”号航母的引领下,交错排列。随后,各外方参演舰艇进行了纵队、横队等队形的变换演练,并以美国“安提坦”号导弹巡洋舰为前导舰,组成国际舰艇编队,与印度舰艇编队相会,举行分航仪式。   17时许,演练结束,中国海军舰艇编队驶离印度海域。   中国海军舰艇编队是2日抵达印度维沙卡帕特南外港锚泊的。在印期间,中国海军官兵参加了印度海事展、国际海事会议、海上阅舰式、城市巡游等活动。(中新社) 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章:

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