Cui Zhijia success is not the overnight explosion of red told group play dead

Cui Zhijia: success is not the overnight explosion of Red Dead Cui Zhijia worked with the group to play in recent years, with the "meeting room", "love to laugh," Happy Pancake man "comedy" and other film and television works in the wonderful performance, Cui Zhijia brought a lot of joy to the audience. Comedy "core" is the creation, "nuclear" performance, but both he and a self comedy "hilarious" became the first Sen worthy of the name "comedy talent". Along the way, Cui Zhijia’s success is not overnight explosion of red, but with countless classic humor small piece moving steadily, step by step gradually recognized by the audience. The day before, along with the new year comedy "the ferryman" set file date, Cui Zhijia has been discovered with actor Tony Leung [micro-blog] shot "kissing" experience is the audience for him to set off a new round of expectations. However, in an interview with the Beijing morning news interview, Cui Zhijia tells the story of his early debut experience. He said he learned a strange combination of circumstances had just started acting, the group played a day of "death" several times. With the group played for the position of "dead" Cui Zhijia graduated from the Beijing Institute of modern music, in his opinion, he embarked on the road of comedy, there are too many "because of their high school, a strange combination of circumstances" that ambition is to learn music, but do not know how to sleepwalk into professional acting department. One summer, eighteen year old Cui Zhijia holding the crew infinite curiosity, but also to take advantage of holiday out of their experience, ran out to do with the group of actors. When the war theme hot, Cui Zhijia came to the [micro-blog] directed by Zhang Li "human right is the vicissitudes of life" cast, starring Honglei Sun, Huang Zhizhong [micro-blog] [micro-blog]. At that time, people did not know a 18 year old boy, no one will pay attention to their own, Cui Zhijia recalls, called "with the group of actors", is actually the "fixed swarm". "Every day is very hard, monthly money, for me is, while in the army, while the bandits, another day became a day Japs," dead "several times, can’t show, also for a dead posture can not let the audience see them, lest I goof, ‘dead’ it is also very serious brain", Cui Zhijia said, "I am very grateful to the crew, I have not seen the crew is what, is it open to all my photographs and other things ignorant, that time is a piece of paper." Give up the choice of "love swarm laugh" the earliest known Cui Zhijia audience in 2010 Liaoning TV "love to laugh" in the meeting room. When the program is not high, but the rapid development of the Internet has helped Cui Zhijia a favor. The program group will work with a large number of small piece cut into a video of a spread in the network, get hits high. Cui Zhijia had his first "fans", is also at that time, Cui Zhijia and the "laughter brothers" Joe fir, repair Rui, pan acquaintance, began his comedy road. But before entering the laughter room, just graduated from college, Cui Zhijia had two choices. One is to do with the group of actors to play, one is in the boardroom "laugh" love comedy. Perhaps in the eyes of many people now, love laugh conference room is undoubtedly better than "group play"相关的主题文章:

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