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Disney game thirty years: the success and failure of the history of a repeat of a long, long time ago, one day, Disney suddenly intends to make the game. A year later, Mickey Mouse entered the game from the screen." Disney is the world’s most powerful entertainment empire. However, not many people know that Disney has made the game for more than thirty years of history. Disney group as the lowest income sector, the interaction has also had a huge success in the Disney, but always in the most glorious time strange transformation, and then failed. This history repeats itself again and again, thirty years later, Disney’s game sector back to the origin. Originally published in Polygon, author Willie Clark. Touch music network to compile. On May 10th, the entertainment giant Disney canceled its series of "Disney" (Disney Infinity), unlimited and announced their production and distribution of brand Disney interactive will focus on IP authorization. In the production of the game, Disney interaction is no longer dominant, and will turn to the role of partners. This is a blow to the fans. Just a few months ago, Disney will be "unlimited" as a typical success, seeking support for his new work, Disney. March, Disney, vice president of interactive ·, (John) declared that "infinite" is the leader in similar products, (Vignocchi). "The whole company is" Disney unlimited "strong backing. If you look at all the works of Disney this year, you know that the top executives are really proud of us and support us 100%." This is not the first time that Disney has changed the attitude of the game industry rationally (or quickly). In more than 30 years of history, Disney’s game product line has undergone several changes. This change and the game industry’s own technological progress, user transfer and the era of change is not similar. Disney thinks they can and should be successful in the game industry. In order to bring Disney’s magic to the game world, they have been changing tactics for years. Even before the era of interactive in late 1980s, Disney took the first step toward the game field. Disney 1 (who set up the rabbit poster of the rabbit) in the production of the real meaning of the game before, Disney made a number of educational software on the PC. Their Division products (Consumer Products) will be the role and film copyright authorized to other companies to develop the game. Disney’s first success in the game was "who framed the rabbit" (Who framed Roger Rabbit). It is completely created by internal staff and is not authorized to any company. Who set up the rabbit Roger, the advent of even earlier than the Walter · Computer software (Walt Disney Software, hereinafter referred to as WDCS) was founded. The latter is Disney’s first focus on the tour.相关的主题文章:

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