Dong Li’s CP been fired

Dong Li’s CP been fired? [Abstract] Dong Li Arale this pair of father and daughter CP, is not a bit overdone? Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information. With "Daddy where the 4" hit, this season’s most notable than the "star + amateur adorable baby" combination mode, among them, and to Arale’s daughter CP Dong and the highest degree of attention. The two circle with the most adorable height difference however the first episode aired a lot of powder of different, now Dong and Arale force, it caused a lot of controversy. Many people are beginning to question, this is the program group and many marketing numbers to create a sense of CP, is not wrong? After all, Dong Li is a man of more than and 20 years old, and Arale is just a silly little girl, but public opinion has gradually deviated. In addition to mango Taiwan made the "pink" drama, a lot of marketing and CP powder, since the beginning of cut idol drama, just like the Dong force and Arale portrayed a real idol couples. It is the Daddy where to go, but first broke into "we get married". In addition, Dong himself has repeatedly mentioned in a variety of occasions, their spouse is Arale, said that Arale is his girlfriend. Although Arale himself before the sweet said, "grew up to marry", but as small as Arale’s little friends, do not know how it is, "marriage" can be said to be "children". Dong Li is an adult, on many occasions in public that their spouse is Arale, is a lot of people think that Dong force has seized on the issue of the suspects, but his ideal also caused a lot of people argue — the ideal type is so small a child? In the broadcast footage, and there are many Dong Arale intimacy. For example, when Arale took off his clothes, Dong Li was there. Dong and force after all as an adult male stranger, but with Arale, there seems to be no fear too much. This can not help but think of the first quarter of the time, but also a change of father, Jimmy Lin and Sen dish get along, it caused a public discussion. Sen dish with strange men get uncomfortable crying out, the whole have been looking for my father, and to Jimmy Lin Sen dish changing dirty pants, also be national criticism, that keeps the corresponding distance or the strange male and Sen dish. At that time, some experts pointed out that the arrangement of adult men and girls live together, this way is not conducive to the child’s self-protection, and four or five year old child, is a gender awareness. At that time, Zhang Liang is a positive example, not only across the quilt to sleep, but also to change the pants in the quilt Angela, gender awareness is very clear. And Dong Li and Arale get along, there is no scruples about these. More than once let Arale naked to wear their own clothes, had also tickle physical contact. And because of the program group and the direction of Dong Li, Dong Li Arale’s CP has been gradually biased. Not only from the shear band raunchy video, and the imaginary of various large-scale outflow. This has even attracted the attention of the police, had expressed concern, because there is no safety education program相关的主题文章:

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