During the National Day in Zhengzhou over 7 of respondents have dug out the money of $500 (video) yuria

During the National Day in Zhengzhou over 7 of respondents took 500 yuan money [Abstract] the eleven seven day holiday, over 7 respondents participated in eleven during the wedding, "free" gifts at least 500 yuan. The majority of respondents said they were too much to eat, a Zhengzhou guy in September to find a sales job, wages have not yet reached 2000 yuan has basically spent". Network information mapping network news (reporter Wang Shaoyi) eleven holiday ushered in the last day, people in the area crowded, people at home and Indoorsman Indoorswoman, others were shuttling between many weddings. According to the mapping network reporter statistics, eleven of the seven day holiday, about 71% of the respondents said during the eleven attended the wedding, the average person in 2 weddings, "free" gifts at least 500 yuan. Over 7 of respondents participated in the wedding during the afternoon of October 7th on the afternoon of, the reporter took to the streets on the map network, random inquiry during the period of Zhengzhou citizens to participate in the wedding of eleven. High tech Zone in Zhengzhou, a Internet Co to go to work, said Ms. Chen, he took part in eleven during the two weddings, a colleague of College students. "We have a lot of young people in the unit, which are basically suitable for marriage in the past two years." According to Ms. Chen introduced her to the colleague’s wedding gifts is 500 yuan, and university students because of a good relationship, so the gifts gave 1000 yuan, "two weddings, I this month’s rent money is gone." Ms Chan told reporters helpless. "We’re at this age, the wedding generally are classmates children, gifts is generally 500 yuan starting, good relationship will give 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan, a total of eleven gifts this year I gave 1000 yuan." Wang, a public institution in Zhengzhou to work at the age of 50, he took part in two weddings during the eleven, respectively, the son of the wedding and the wedding of his daughter. And this year just graduated from the University of Liu, he found a sales job in September, just a month to work. Eleven year college dorm buddies he married, he made a special trip to Shandong to be the best man to man. His calculations, from Zhengzhou to Ji’nan high-speed rail fare is 300 yuan, from a total of 600 yuan, 1000 yuan gifts, accommodation and meals do not have to spend money, but this trip down is 1600 yuan. "My first month’s salary was 2000, and now it’s almost over." Liu said with a smile, "a gate to see the wedding. This is just a start, the next few years, I have a big wave of students to be married." However, some people also said that he did not receive eleven wedding invitation, but my circle of friends almost every day to see someone married." According to the simple statistics reporter, afternoon asked a total of 46 people, including 33 people said they participate in the wedding ceremony, from one to three range, and gifts from 500 yuan to 1500 yuan. For the phenomenon of wedding together during the eleven, the majority of respondents said they are "too much", Ms. Chen said, her as a "Zheng Piao", the monthly rent and eat large overhead, occupy a basic salary?相关的主题文章:

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