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Female white-collar work "pomelo grapefruit agricultural" even sold abroad (Figure) – Beijing eat more pomelo "I hope everyone can feel that when I was small, fragrant and sweet memory of the Mid Autumn Festival, eat more pomelo (have)!" — Caiting secret: "how to choose the shopkeeper grapefruit do not just look at the size, to pick the mean water more, eat better." When to eat: because the fruit season later this year, after the mid autumn grapefruit is more delicious. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Jin, Qin Song, Shen Hui mid autumn season, many Guangzhou residents will buy a few golden grapefruit, while on the side of the moon, the moon cakes taste. Guangzhou grapefruit mostly from Guangdong and Fujian, the agricultural pomelo, the Mid Autumn Festival has become their busiest day, they will be shipped to Guangzhou and other places a large number of grapefruit. As a white-collar, 24 year old Chaozhou girl Zhan Caiting transformed into temporary "Grapefruit farming", sell their home in Guangzhou at the age of 27 grapefruit; graduates in Guangzhou Huanong Jiang Shufeng team work is playing on the field of grapefruit idea in Meizhou in cooperation with a grapefruit orchard depth, just one week of time actually sold more than 10 thousand pieces of grapefruit. To sell their own grapefruit abroad in the morning took eight grapefruit to the company, after work and took a bag of grapefruit to express……" Before the Mid Autumn Festival, Choi Ting wrote in a circle of friends. Her family planted thousands of grapefruit trees, in the local can be regarded as a large grapefruit". The Mid Autumn Festival last year, intends to help the family to share a little pressure Caiting, try in the circle of friends from the sale of grapefruit, beyond her expectation is that the home of the grapefruit unexpectedly popular, even sold to domestic and foreign. So, she is at work, the shuttle in the office of the white-collar workers, after work, she has become home to help sell authentic grapefruit grapefruit farm. She smiled and told reporters: "take care of my friends last year, this year have urged my grapefruit." At present, the color of the grapefruit retail sales of nearly 20 thousand yuan, there are still a lot of new orders every day. Caiting hometown in Shangrao Guangdong Chaozhou Raoping County town of good Shima pit, near Meizhou and Fujian, the local rich grapefruit. But in the past due to the traffic is very inconvenient, the local purchase price of grapefruit. In recent years a big difference, especially with the shop, circle of friends such a platform, such as grapefruit, such as agricultural products have a more convenient and direct sales channels, but also more of our young generation to participate in." While living in Guangzhou, before the Mid Autumn Festival, Caiting must always maintain contact with his family in Chaozhou, she was responsible for writing propaganda, receiving orders, logistics, home of the parents is responsible for picking grapefruit and procurement of large quantities of wholesale business, the whole family "launched a" division of labor. For color Ting, the home seems to be full of grapefruit flavor, bit by bit childhood memories, are related to grapefruit. "Every time I see my dad sent us a picture, the heart flew back…… Miss under a tree to eat grapefruit scene, with the father’s hat secretly kept a half grapefruit, usually eat less I can eat a." Color Ting exclamation way. Some regret is that because of busy work, the road is far away, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival to stay in Guangzhou. The "new farmers" for a week"相关的主题文章:

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