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Hangzhou bus picked up a 0.5 carat diamond ring does not know who lost the "Diamond forever, diamond is forever". I do not know which careless passengers, "0.5 carat love" — a diamond ring left on the bus. Hangzhou bus driver Sheng Weigang picked up a 0.5 carat diamond ring in the women’s 67 bus car, the estimated price at 5000-8000 yuan. Until yesterday, the ring master has not yet appeared, hope that through the Hangzhou bus money newspaper, looking for the owner. Hangzhou bus 67 road from Tianyang Palm Cove to the small north gate station. It happened in the night before 8 pm, 67 bus driver master Sheng Weigang, as usual, will be the last bus back to Palm Cove Tianyang end point station, after arrival, "a car seized on the vehicle according to the requirements of the company". When the passengers have to get off, after inspection to the Master Sheng door position, found a bright car door under the seat. He bent down and picked up a look, is a women’s diamond ring! Holding a diamond ring, Master Sheng heart mantra, who is so careless, so precious things fall on the bus. To tell the truth, the city bus will often encounter some careless, the umbrella, coat behind on the bus, the bus drivers have no less picked up the wallet, mobile phone, notebook computer can even, a sparkling diamond ring, Master Sheng or head back to pick up. Master Sheng rushed to the bus station in the ring. The staff is also not sure, is this a real diamond? Now there are a lot of simulation to do with the real. There was a staff of the station, there is a comparative study of the jewelry, he carefully looked very sure to say: "this is really a diamond ring, the 0.5 carat diamond ring, the estimated price at 5000-8000 yuan." The money newspaper reporter also search the Internet, similar to the 0.5 carat diamond ring, a few tens of thousands of. However, just like the three branch of the Hangzhou public transportation company, said Ge Xiaolin, vice captain of the team, the value of this ring is how much money is not the most important, it is important that the significance of the ring. We are hoping to find the owner as soon as possible. But as of press, the diamond master has not appeared. Now the bus company staff will have the diamond ring, carefully locked up in a safe place. If the owner appears, and how to claim? "Can be checked by a small ticket voucher to buy a diamond ring, if the owner is through the credit card on the train, so the background on the record, see the car with the driver picked up the ring time time is able to check the car, and through the monitoring; if it is also available through the coin on the train, car monitor check." So, the diamond master ah, see this message, as soon as possible to contact Hangzhou bus hotline 85191122.相关的主题文章:

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