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Hi Chen Xiao Michelle Chen Tim vine smoked custom "Chinese Bridesmaid group" – Fashion – people.com.cn original title: Hi Chen Xiao Michelle Chen Tim vine smoked custom "Chinese Bridesmaid group" in the next 16 years. Another reason not a persistent cross-strait Shuangcheng wedding story achievement double Chen Lian licensing Tim Ding Shuangxi and his son had the same birth aunt finally Xiucheng the fruit! Become attached to the "new" The legend of Condor Hero Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen couple in shortly before Chen Xiao’s birthday in Hefei licensing of marriage, also revealed the woman pregnant in the body of the good news. For a time the media group to send blessings, each flower envy linger on faintly. Double Chen love to "double happiness", and give a new entertainment of Shenxianjuanlv, give love a happy note. Today, two people’s wedding ceremony has maxed out the major media forum, in addition to the gorgeous "friends group list", the much anticipated "the history of the most beautiful bridesmaids" was finally unveiled. Because the costume drama Jie Yuan Chen Xiao Michelle Chen couple, this seems to forget the beautiful love back to reality to interpretation, especially for the best man and the maid of honor and Xiniang prepared by rattan, smoked custom tailored exclusive Chinese clothing, clothing bridesmaids, Groomsmen bridesmaid. By Joe Chen, A Jiao, Hu Bingqing led the bridesmaids, Zhang Zhehan Wang Maolei, Chen Xiang collocation himself the Groomsmen, the interpretation of a traditional charm full of memorable scenes. The theme for blessing the lions gun Xiuqiu in Chinese traditional culture, the "Lion" as a natural biological very spiritual, is a symbol of power and wealth, its strong nature, more derived, good luck in everything and have a successful official career successful in the official career auspicious color, also has the function against evil spirits. Gradually be abstracted to all kinds of classic patterns, the expression of the town house, evil, Geely and other meaning, so respected, won the Chinese people love. The hydrangea, since ancient times is the "marriage" and the mascot is expression of affection between men and women classic keepsake. Due to the appearance of the perfect, the structure of the traditional pattern design becomes an indispensable element. The theme of "lions gun Xiuqiu", the two elements is just a soft, one stationaryplatform ingenious combination in a painting, but also for special wedding custom designer rattan and create atmosphere of life. (Liu Boxue, commissioning editor Li Fang) original title: Hi Chen Xiao Michelle Chen Tim vine smoked custom "Chinese bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid embroidery group" changed the traditional style, with unique design, with a clever Strapless chest playful tassel, Chinese and Western, clever one, is the red silk satin highlights superior texture. In addition to embroidery dress, rattan smoked custom specially prepared silk plain high heels, Banmei every bridesmaid. The best man of the classical Chinese style gown embroidered gown design, elegant and refined version of the traditional, on the collar and cuffs add multiple lions gun Xiuqiu in patterns, calm even add the vitality of the young. See details in the "mind fukurokuju Choi hi Ji lions gun Xiuqiu such classic traditional patterns, broad and profound, has a long history of moral China patterns applied to the original Chinese characters at rattan clothing designers also smoked in. Among them,相关的主题文章:

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