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How to remove the vegetables in eggs and bacteria – "Oh, oh baby Sohu……" My sister, sister, was groaning with pain, because it had worms on its leaves. "Ha ha, you how painful, we also want to eat your leaves." Those bad bugs while eating vegetables cruel sister leaves said. "Oh, oh……" Vegetables sister take insects no way, only groan painfully. Beside the sister, there are carrots, cucumbers and potatoes. My sister heard the vegetables carrots moaning, they to the body of the green bug sister shouted: "abominable vermin, don’t bite the vegetables a sister!" but the worms ignored the carrot cries, they bite to the strength. How can this do? "When the previous owner to buy food, never buy vegetables with insect eyes, but since listening to grandma next door to that proposal, the owner to buy food, especially vegetables and leafy vegetables pick old sister, have eaten the vegetables, buy, sister was back home, but also. By quietly back home. We are good friends, we have to find a way to help them." "Before, my sister told me a story." "In any case, we should help our sister."…… Carrots, cucumbers and potatoes are all sorts of gossip said. "I hope the host will get rid of the worm!" The carrot had an idea. "But, green leaves may have the egg sister, how can I do? If you do not clean, if cooked dishes, the owner will eat sick." Potato worry. At this time, he went into the kitchen, she picked up the vegetables look, come up with a glass in the cupboard, with a small scoop out a little salt in the basin, then the master also slipped into the kitchen, staring curiously asked: "Mom, what are you doing?" "I am washing vegetables," the mother replied kindly, "but, why do you want to put things in the water?" The little master looked blankly at his mother asked, I put the salt, you see, I wash vegetables with salt water when washing vegetables, sprinkle some salt in the water, the vegetables can be cleaned out of the worm". Mother said, and then turn on the tap, for a while, a large basin of water is full, the master put the vegetables into the basin. After a while, salt water works, those insects can not stand, a grunt was suddenly turned up at the salt water, even the eggs slowly from the cabbage leaves falling down, because the salt water disinfection. "Thank you, dear brother salt flowing water! Thank you sister!" green sister said, "if you help me, I will be the master of the insects to eat, health will be affected." "no thanks," said a drop of water droplets cheerful. "In order to celebrate our victory, let’s have a song and dance club," said a small potato". "Ah! Okay!……" Everyone said by common consent look, ah, carrot singing beautiful paper相关的主题文章:

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