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If the high set would have qualified successors of these hand craftsmen? Photograph: Fred Le Chevalier is the world’s oldest a department store Paris Le Peng (Le Bon Marché Marshall) recently invited 100 craftsmen settled. They took a handmade fashion, ceramics, leather goods, jewelry, stationery, fan, lamp…… in the market stall, is next to Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermè s and other ultra luxury brands. "We spent several weeks searching for handmade brand in Paris." Department store styling director and curator Jennifer Cullvier to "Paris" as the theme to find more than 8000 independent fashion designers. They are cheaper to rent Châ teau Rouge and Montorgueil as the center outward radiation, all corners of Paris. "Knock on the door, you are sometimes surprised to find hidden inside small exquisite handicrafts." Jennifer Cullvier found that these have little training, had mostly engaged in office work, such as banks and law firms. Display the same field as well as from Christian Louboutin, Chloé, Balenciaga, Dries; Van Noten, the fashion house’s special capsule products, including the Balenciaga · to the famous French singer Edith Piaf tribute; black dress, the crystal product Baccarat design and a shiny Dries van Noten. Selected lucky people are unknown, with their works came to Paris is located in the rich area of Yue Peng horse department. This "entrance ticket" is precious — it is equivalent to a free premium. If you are lucky enough to get even with the Department of French luxury giant LVMH favor, financed the acquisition is possible. As for luxury brands, one of which is the manual status symbol, especially after the industrial revolution to meet the daily needs of the vast majority of consumers, by hand handle out of fashion, watches, perfume, because of the scarcity of precious. Collar revealed a low-key luxury mall on weekdays, maybe you saw Bottega Veneta sitting in the shop woven leather division Saint or Berluti V Laurent Diaz, invited experts from Europe leather. The white haired, wearing glasses master was representative of Arts and crafts. Owns Louis, Vuitton Dior, Tag Heuer and other brands of LVMH launched a special tour in 2011 (LesJourné esParticuliè RES) "open day activities, please visit the public leather factory, workshop, garden production of perfume. Through external display, luxury.相关的主题文章:

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