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Marvel’s chief executive Kevin Fitch interpretation of future plans or the end of the U.S. team series – Marvel Entertainment Sohu President Kevin Fitch (source time network) recently, foreign media website Collider did an interview for Marvel studios President Kevin Fitch, interview talked about the possibility of Fawkes and marvel with and without cooperation marvel, partnership with SONY, the small spider man’s future, "and the problem is particularly concerned about the Avengers 3" and "the Avengers 4" shooting a series of fans. First of all, the cooperation and collaboration between marvel and Fawkes, Fitch said the matter is not what substantive progress, "can not be called a region of ice, but also not on the other, it also said Marvel are still no hope of seeing any cooperation and confrontation between the members of the Avengers and X-Men X. Tom – Hrand in the "3" before the United States team plays spider man Tom Holland said he did not determine whether spider man in "the Avengers: Infinite War", so a lot of people are guessing and diffuse the SONY partnership may also exist some problems, filch denies. To this question in the interview he said: "spider man is" Captain America: the civil war "and" Spider Man ": the key to return the two movie, but we all know that the" return "has entered the editing stage, so this is not basic and SONY have what problem, we have been developed in the discussion after will be more interesting." As for the spider man in the end will not appear in the Avengers 3, although Fei Qi did not make it clear, but said it is likely to be a surprise to fans. This is also reflected from the side of the little spider man is likely to join the "United 3" hero lineup. The reporter then asked about the next filch "the Avengers" episode two shooting time, Fitch said the exact response the average work will be in January next year, the other part of boot, probably in August and September, and in order to ensure the efficiency of the two films will be shot, but both in production and creative two, this movie is not the same style. All along, the Marvel fans want to see the marvel movie in the universe can continue the birth of a new hero, for the fans expect, Fitch said "the Infinite War" can satisfy everyone’s desire, there will be a new role on screen debut. The role of Netflix on the other side will not turn into a movie, it all depends on the timing is not mature. But in the third stage of the film, the marvel movie universe will have more development beyond all expectations, Fitch said: "frankly, I put the" Spider Man "and" the return of 3: "as the twilight of the gods is two completely new start, even before there have been" spider man the two part "and" Thor ", but they are still very different." And, before Marvel released the news that in 2019 and 2020 to determine the new release of the film will be in the interview filch this to be confirmed, "for so many years we have been very lucky, always can achieve our plan to do, of course, if there is no way we can.相关的主题文章:

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