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Lenovo YOGA 5 Pro experience: it is "the best way" in computer science and Technology Park geeks – Sohu micro signal: geekpark YOGA 5 Pro in the field of computer "combo products, Lenovo is one of the most radical manufacturers go. In early 2012 CES, Lenovo released the first original YOGA screen can rotate 360 degrees, the deformation of the "current and lead". By the end of September, Lenovo released the fifth generation of the YOGA family in Beijing – YOGA Pro. After using YOGA 5 Pro as the main power pen for a week, share some of my ideas below. YOGA’s "family" language YOGA 5 in the design of Pro maintained a high continuity, left A angle exquisite YOGA logo, from the YOGA 3 Pro began to use the "chain type" shaft, located in the side of the power button (convenient tablet mode) such as "family". Plan, let YOGA 5 Pro in a large number of "MacBook" in the light of this has a high degree of recognition. It is worth mentioning that the association of the antenna "YOGA 5 Pro" hidden to the shaft, so that the other part does not need to ensure the antenna communication to set aside the plastic parts to A surface, C YOGA 5 Pro and D to achieve full coverage of metal. Hidden in the shaft, in addition to the air outlet, and MacBook similar to the YOGA 5 Pro fuselage outlet is also hidden in the axis of the position, daily use will hardly notice its presence. In the part of the frame YOGA of 5 Pro, Lenovo has done a concave, except for the appearance of the screen in consideration, closed state, the concave design also allows the user to easily open the screen in almost any position. YOGA 5 Pro 12 inches (left) and MacBook (right) we get the YOGA 5 Pro is a champagne gold color, real color looks quite pale, than champagne color 12 inch MacBook and lighter, won’t have that kind of "bling" feeling. If you want to buy a YOGA 5 Pro to the business office, do not have to worry about champagne color too "conspicuous". On the left side of the interface, two Type-C interface YOGA 5 Pro on the left, but only the top that can be charged on the right, equipped with a Type-A interface (commonly known as the full size USB) and a 3.5 mm headset jack. In a lot of thin Ben have cut Type-A, ahead of time相关的主题文章:

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