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The time limit is 89 | you and Bordeaux star Zhuang only a wine from famous Wine – Sohu and master Jesse, · Robinson (Jancis Robinson) in her article "When bourgeois is good" wrote:"…… There is little difference between the price and price of these intermediate wineries…… If you want to find an easy to drink and has a certain complexity red for daily drinking rather than investment, so that the intermediate Zhuang deserve your attention." Bordeaux Zhuang (Cru Bourgeois) intermediate first refers to the middle class of the winery, and later by the influence of the Medoc form 1855 grading system, intermediate Zhuang gradually evolved into a kind of Wine classification system. It can be said that the intermediate system is a complement of 1855 grading system. Intermediate village there is another very common Chinese Translation — the "Star Village", which shows that Zhuang intermediate position can not be ignored. Between you and the star village in Bordeaux, perhaps only a wine distance. In 2012, 2012 Chateau red Wine bin Habbo Chateau Les Granges De Civrac, Medoc, France information card type: red wine Wine capacity: 750ml winery: Sri Lanka Habbo level: Bordeaux intermediate French Chateau Cang Zhuang serving temperature: 15-18 degrees region: France » Bordeaux » Medoc grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon Melo. Rachel: deep ruby red color aroma: blueberry, apple, cherry and spice taste: the entrance like rain after the orchard as fresh as silky tannins, rich flavor of food: beef stew or stewed pork, or other protein and high fat content of meat wine world online mall price: 50 yuan limit collar coupons, coupons after ¥ 89 The first Asian Wine master Li Zhiyan (Jeannie Cho Lee MW) of the judgment: a wine based intermediate Zhuang wine, easy to drink, no shortage of each aspect, there is no bitterness. Is the high cost of a wine, after 2 years will be better. "This wine – wine warehouse Habbo Castle Winery (Chateau, Yun bin Hargreaves les Granges de Civrac) is located in Bordeaux France Medoc region (Medoc), for a number of years in the intermediate winery Alliance (L’Alliance des Crus Bourgeois (Cru) released the intermediate winery Bourgeois) list, the recommended wine for 2012 years, also ranked intermediate Zhuang list. (picture information from the intermediate village official website: crus-bourgeois), Hargreaves castle was built in the warehouse winery Rome times, about the castle records!相关的主题文章:

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