Many people Home Furnishing home wall cracks housing serious erosion shocking (video)

Many people in the home Home Furnishing wall cracks erosion housing shocking who lives in the West Longhua Ms. Chen told us a serious reaction in recent years home more recent study of cracks, wall cracking. It is not only out of the rain drizzle, but the wind inside the wind blowing outside. This makes the whole family worried. Reporters at the home of Ms. Chen to see the study, there are two deep cracks in the north wall, from the bottom to the end of the wall. Reporters stuck in the gap can obviously feel the wind blowing inside. In addition, the bedroom wall and the study also has a lot of small cracks, which makes Ms. Chen very worried. Ms. Chen: our house is renovated in 2011, after the renovation began to have a little crack, we do not care. In recent years the gap is more and more big, at least half wall cracks, just in my daughter’s room, she had to do her homework when the feeling of cracks in the wind in, I think we will not cause danger to personal safety. I hope the relevant departments can help me to strengthen the house." Ms. Chen said at the beginning she also suspected that door dashanshu caused, but the property began to take measures after the situation continues to deteriorate. Next door 13 building, room 101, Cao aunt home is also the wall is full of cracks. The walls of the stairs are even more serious, even the walls are sunken. Cao aunt: "we split two years ago, and the same number 11 aunt house. A little bit of a little sewing is getting bigger now. We live in two old people, in case the house fell down how to do. Now touch the wall can not touch, touch down." Reporters found that most of the cracks in the home residents are two or three years of. What is the reason for this, the reporter found a residential property to understand the situation. Property Manager: "the construction of the subway to dig a pit, dug after the settlement of the house, the wall experience cracking, several families are like this." According to the property manager, said the subway construction side has asked experts to carry out testing, the conclusion is that there is no security problems. As for the problem of cracks in the home, such as Ms Chen, they commissioned the property to repair treatment. The property manager: "it is I and minor repairs, the engineering team that was to do this afternoon. By filling after the brush powder, the wall is smooth, no leakage." "" "Shanghai today recommended: Shanghai will strictly review common mortgage repayment YanZha first payment funding warehouse collusion selling stolen nearly 3 tons of rice colleagues worth about 100000 jingfangxingju express double eleven before the company hit drama staged looting million paid advertising in 2020 the public can view the Milky Way Dishui Lake" and "constellation" the city disappeared after the search "driver" "money Jingjing finally appeared" wonderful video: Yang Zi picked 40 million yuan luxury European style preference of 90 girls in Xiamen University Zhu Bishi my sister day wall tile he ordered 99% similarity for a 1600 square meters of "French castle" Liaocheng residents worry stair crack discussing a problem in Shanghai (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to Tencent Shen Wangwei (letter)相关的主题文章:

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