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Keep the number of men 1 months 5 million good news did not tell the family exclusive lottery prize with five million star lottery millionaire production line reputation, has attracted many senior friends favorite color. The evening of August 15th, 7 star for the Lhasa friends brought a surprise, the day of Lhasa on the 7 color friend got 16097th star the only 1 note 5 million yuan prize. This is my area in August 15th and like lottery Lotto 15 million 640 thousand lottery jackpot prize after another. Until the morning of August 31st, Mr. Li was the first prize of the Tibet autonomous region to the Sports Lottery Management Center for the awarding procedures. Spend 4 yuan to buy two note seven color number ten days later found himself in 5 million years ago, Mr. Lee came to Lhasa from the mainland of odd jobs, he hoped that through their own efforts, to earn some money to go home, take some living subsidies to the family to. After coming to Lhasa, he did not find the fixed work, mainly rely on subsistence daduangong. Usually, Lee has only one hobby, that is like to buy lottery tickets. In August 19th, Mr. Li will go home in the afternoon before the song in a lottery betting station road, spent 4 yuan to buy two note seven color number, then go home. "I have been buying sports lottery for seven years, never in the more than $100 prize, this time I can not really think of the prize." Lee introduced at the beginning of August, he went home after the song. A betting station to buy two note lottery number seven color, but also during the day to earn money, so he didn’t have time to check whether they buy lottery lottery. It was not until August 29th, when he remembered his own lottery, he checked his lottery number on the Internet, and found that he had won the lottery, and it was 5 million. When asked how he got seven color play winning numbers, Mr Li said with a smile, he kept this number has more than a month, usually love color friends together to explore and study the seven color betting number. This can be a big prize, in addition to insist on buying their own sports lottery, mainly rely on luck. Winning news one exclusive awards did not tell family, the first reaction of many people is to share with friends and family, and Mr. Lee chose the one with winning joy, not winning news to family and friends. Mr. Li said: "I want more, I worry about my family know in the Grand Prix, will be negative life, I hope that our life not because of winning change too much, later to find a suitable opportunity to tell the good news to her family." Mr. Lee said. Under normal circumstances, I only buy Sports Lottery seven color play, other games to buy very little." According to Lee, seven years ago, he began to buy Sports Lottery in the mainland. However, every time he buy sports lottery, not more than 10 yuan, the money to buy lottery tickets does not affect his normal life. The morning of August 31st, Mr. Li wore a peaked cap, wearing a mask to receive 5 million yuan prize. Our hometown in the countryside, life is difficult. Son grew up working outside, I want to take the money to go home this time, in the hope that this award can improve some living conditions at home." Mr. Li said. When.相关的主题文章:

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