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Mom and Dad: you only have the right to know without the right to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: a person may not listen to us for a little while rich to prove to your parents, now the work is a good way, but it will do in the future good stability, parents do not love work. Time is limited, we should not waste time. Idle time 01 meals, the mother asked me how the work, I said it might not be able to do. As soon as I want to talk about my ideas and reasons, my mother immediately excited. "You don’t want to quit! If you quit your job, don’t go home!" Then, my dad answered with: "I told you to find big company you don’t listen! That you do not listen to civil service exam! Stay at home every day to write those little articles useless, I tell you, can not resign." Originally wanted to chat with them about occupation planning, want to listen to their views, but their excitement and roar, thought stubborn, upset the heart want to communicate. This period of time has been particularly tangled, self-knowledge professional ability is not enough, to find a copy of the work of learning, writing at home in the evening, and so the time is ripe, do freelance work at home. But the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, every large writing pressure, mean customer requirements, to be competent to use a magnifying glass to find S-BIN mistake is enough to make me go home at night to continue scorched by the flames, writing. I sit at 8 in the morning at about 12 in the evening to make sure that sleep is my only bottom line. Like a robot sunrise sunset, physical and mental exhaustion. Indeed, the mind cannot be in two, after a lot of struggle, or intend to resign at home to concentrate on writing for my parents, want to get recognition and opinions. I know that their rebuke is also out of the "good for me," the original intention, but they feel good is really we also feel good? Physical and mental fatigue 02 this is not over, the mother also said: This is a bitter you can not eat, like we used to, before meals have to eat……" Let’s begin to beep Li very sad memories of the past. I admire my parents have been unable to meet the food and clothing, the kind of desperately trying to live the determination. However, everyone suffers from different, no one who is more painful than anyone else. Bitter is hierarchical, some is bitter to survive in this level, not enough food to eat, not a clean clothes, but there is some pain, in order to better life, or in order to realize their own value of existence in this world at this level. These are not comparable. The society is progressing, and our thoughts are improving. A time to go, just like walking a never-ending ladder. In this process, there are always different when you need to experience suffering, defeated a, just like yesterday you are different, then to be ready for the next problem. Each to a ladder should see the challenges ahead, rather than read out past the pain. What’s more, for parents, because most of their life experience is really much better than we are, they want you to work steadily, because相关的主题文章:

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