Mother Sun Qian pregnant belly loose shirt covered the Red Guards talk about the new play on darren hayes

Mother Sun Qian pregnant belly loose shirt covered   the "Red Guards" talk about the new play on the spot – choking entertainment channel — mother Sun Qian loose shirt cover pregnant belly   talk about the new movie "Red Guard"; on the spot choked source: – entertainment channel   15:12 & nbsp; Tong Zhang, October 23, 2016 Sun Qian in Beijing in October 23,   (Ai Wen); 34 sets of Red Youth Theme opera "Red Guards" in the October 24th strong landing Beijing satellite tv. The drama by Sun Qian, who directed, starring Tong Zhang. In the fifth counter encirclement campaign as the background, tells the story of Chen Zixuan (Sun Qianshi) a red army leadership team after transport to Zhou Yueting through numerous difficulties and dangers, (Zhao Longhao) led by the Kuomintang by dogged, the ultimate success of the Czech machine drawings sent to force the hands of the story. October 21st at 10 in the morning, President Xi in commemoration of the victory of the Red Army Long March on behalf of the General Assembly delivered an important speech on the 80. Beijing TV drama "Red Guard" Long March launch ceremony in the afternoon grand start, Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Wang Haiping and his creative full debut, sharing stories and movie theater audience. Wang Haiping said: "the script itself has its own a more than a year of ‘Long March’ course, because including screenwriter, director, producer, and planning, and starring, felt at the time that the long march of the Red Army in the historical context and realistic spirit honed difficult and complicated situation such test of the enemy." Mom sunqian choked: This is the "play" made the most bitter this drama is the first actress Sun Qian with his family came to the scene, "a loose shirt jeans clever cover up pregnant belly, talking about" Red Guard "to shoot this movie journey, she sobbed:" this drama was filmed a drama all the most bitter." This is the only time I took a small half a year after the film did not take any more, too bitter, both physically and mentally accepted a great test." During filming, the crew faced great challenges from the environment, in the face of rain, wind, snow, they all adhere to the teeth. The sun in the mouth of bitter not only from the shooting scene, but also from the role of the responsibility itself. She said: "he played captain Chen Zixuan never really combat experience, different from other people is full of revolutionary spirit of optimism in the squad, she often is serious, because of her great pressure." "Swingers" Tong Zhang said: "the accent" in the play, Tong Zhang played the character Dai Xiangtao is a playboy dandy, Tong Zhang said: this role is "accent", "not a normal way we can understand people". This and all he ever filmed roles are completely different, the people on the surface is too exaggerated. But from another angle, this also represents a vigor of young people, "the young man is a kind of blood, often when they enjoy, can abandon their own family background, the wealthy son chose to abandon, embarked on the Long March, I think this kind of spirit is our the moment should be launched)相关的主题文章:

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