Motorcycle world girl killer, burst out the value of the moment to go out the focus of its ride – So tonya mitchell

The electric bicycle industry lady killer, ride it out burst table values Yan instantly becomes focus of Sohu technology Part.1 wandering outside when no home to express little brother’s phone, I said: you express, I give you to the home. I said: I am not at home, you put me in a treasure. Little brother: too much, do not plug into me: that I put it to the property, I went back for it. Little brother: too much, not to put the property. I: put it in front of the property, I’ll get back… Brother: it’s too heavy for you to carry. Me: then I resist! Little brother: are you sure? You can’t carry it… I’m sure you’re so heavy? Little brother: OK, tomorrow I’ll send you home. Second days when I knocked on the SF brother’s home, I am grateful to see his one eye, when he looked at me phalanx pulled the case in time to help me push the box, I really admire his professionalism! Part.2 yes, as you can see, this is even a courier package began to spell the value of the car – UMA mini. Unpacking soon, family members are curious Wai, ready to prepare tools, eager for a fight to assemble the car, I refused them, a car can pretend not to walk the world. In fact, the box before I sweep the yard to see the video for this assembly, I half a female man, a person is enough. The first is a variety of accessories, batteries, keys, charging lines, brochures and the like. Open the car accessories layer on the exposed face, stunning bubbles, a retro color an adorable, shades of brown cushion, with mint green, beautiful statue! Immediately shoot a variety of angles, can not stop. The cushion and the wheel is a color, a very fine workmanship, pretty, color filter. The car was out of the trunk, or to Biezhu effort, boys may have no pressure, girls or hard Da, the car would not light, I move, do not continue carrying or no problem. When MINI pulled out of the box Yunma, just want to say two words, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..-U-.! Also made a high value to see the things on the 360 degrees of the problem –· · · · but I play is to shoot! The Part.3 cars are still good installation, two folding place, there are signs that, facing the video and eyes will be installed, break a break, twist. Easy steps: 1 2 3 4 fix a small bell, also very loud. I actually screwed my foot in my hand, and I didn’t use a small wrench, because I always stuck myself. The above brake handlebar identification to me this mindless people, is very effective, otherwise I always tangled first pinch which side, rushed to the unknown direction of · &midd test相关的主题文章:

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