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"Mr. Sheng flower" Yan Bingyan Wang Deshun’s first exposure notice the complex relationship between Yan Bingyan and Wang Deshun, the entertainment Sohu – Ai Liya three confrontation creative debut film festival entertainment Sohu Mr. Sheng "flowers" in September 23rd at the Tangshan Film Festival held "you are old, I have at the press conference, the young director Zhu Yuancheng articles starring Yan Bingyan, Ai Liya debut. The film was stunning nineteenth Shanghai International Film Festival, and won one of the top four awards. The conference site, Yan Bingyan and Ai Liya on a variety of fun during the filming, he traced to a six pack, the whole crew seckill Yan Bingyan also accident scene; receive a five star award. In addition, the film side for the first time exposure of a 30 second trailer, and literary drama film has always been a serious impression is different, the trailer is full of dramatic conflict, full of joy. Seven stars is the ultimate goal: Yan Bingyan won the five star card is still not satisfied about the nanny "Mr. Sheng flowers" how to attract the Golden Rooster Award, awards actress Yan Bingyan sits, sincere said: "the time for the filming of the movie is moved by the story, the protagonist of cotton can be said to be representative of a class of people. We want to get down to shoot a good movie." Speaking of the studio hilarious atmosphere, Yan Bingyan is more open to talking: "when we shoot the happy, he also was particularly lively, not to say that the pension theme must be frowning shot, only in a good mood to play good." The scene a few creative memories of shooting experience, still very happy, the director claimed: "in fact, when filming a few teachers will be playing crazy, I’m afraid, especially the father, he has six pack ah, the crew men compared with his ABS, are more than." Yan Bingyan and Ai Liya argue the scene "in the hearts of father and daughter cotton who is more important than" problem, Yan Bingyan’s hesitation, Ai Liya is confident: "of course it is me, but all he loved all his flowers, but I still love the most!" He is not in, Ai Liya and Zhu Yuancheng also on behalf of the crew issued a five star card nanny to Yan Bingyan, to honor Yan Bingyan in the play of the father’s care. However, Yan Bingyan is not satisfied with the "five-star", asked: "even the hotel has seven stars, and why I have only five stars ah!" The audience also said that is not enough, the director finally resumed quickly: "you should be out of ten star nurse." 30 seconds Preview: Wang Deshun Yan Bingyan magic conflict show very state employment relationship film for the first time exposure of the trailer a 30 second trailer full film, the complex relationship between the characters, is the Wang Deshun and Yan Bingyan intimate scenes exposure. In the trailer, Yan Bingyan and Wang Deshun on the surface is the relationship between the nanny and employer, but two people feeling rather ambiguous; Alicia is aggressive image for the first time on the line, scold the nanny, investigation of suspected turns staged a kichiku comedy style. The film tells the story of Yan Bingyan’s Beijing baby sitter to take care of the elderly as unintended pregnancy in Wang Deshun, was suspected of employer survey story in a relaxed yet rigorous style, family pension, social issues and women emotion multi-level intertwined. Mr. sheng.相关的主题文章:

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