Nanjing Xinjizhou Yangtze River National Wetland Park will open next year superrecovery

Nanjing Xinjizhou Yangtze River National Wetland Park will open next year in late August of this year, Nanjing Xinjizhou Yangtze River National Wetland Park officially licensed. At present, with the launch of the EIA publicity, park wetland protection and restoration project started soon, is expected to gradually open to the public next year. Water shore green ecological Nanjing is abundant, there is still a "Jeju Island". This is Nanjing’s first National Wetland Park is located in the Xinjizhou Nanjing section of the Yangtze River, is located in Nanjing District of Jiangning, which belongs to a river island, specifically in the Yangtze River Bridge 16 km upstream, is the island of Nanjing city after the Baguazhou, Jiangxinzhou third river, Nanjing is also the first National Wetland park. Because the Xinjizhou exist in Nanjing section of the Yangtze River was formed, One divides into two. North Branch, South branch channel two shares. Including the Xinjizhou Wetland Park, new delta, Delta, Delta and sub cluster regeneration Huizhou five islands and the waters of the Yangtze River and across the beach, a total area of 58.6 square kilometers. Among them, the new Jeju area of 9.5 square kilometers, known as the "first Jiangsu Yangtze River delta". Xinjizhou in Jiangsu Development Zone along the starting point according to the plan, the National Wetland Park will be the layout of the five functional areas, the wetland conservation area of 1755.4 hectares, 261.3 hectares of wetland restoration area, science and education exhibition area of 65.5 hectares, 574.8 hectares of reasonable utilization demonstration area, comprehensive management and service area of 9.8 hectares. From the point of view of city ecosystem, Xinjizhou National Wetland Park in Nanjing Yangtze River upstream, Nanjing is an important part of regional green space system, the water resources regulation and purification, protection of biological resources play an important role in wetland research, has a high value of. From the view of city space, Xinjizhou in Jiangsu Development Zone along the starting point, in the Binjiang metro service radius, only 35 kilometers from the city center, with rail transportation, planning and construction of Binjiang Avenue, river channel, the park will be further closer relations with the city, the establishment of new Delta National Wetland Park, in the park and the city’s low carbon technology, green economic development, play an active leading role. Next year you can view here, leisure tours of wild birds species according to incomplete statistics, wetland area a total of 366 vascular plant species, belonging to 78 families and 219 genera. Including the first class national key protected plants and 3 species: Taxus, metasequoia and Brasenia, the second class of the national protected plants of 5 species are water fern, camphor, lotus, wild turbot, bischofia. Wild animal, is listed as national key protected wild animal II such as finless porpoise, red bellied eagle and a total of 12 kinds; included in the "national protection are beneficial or of important economic and scientific value of terrestrial wild animal list" the animal reached 91; included in the "Convention on international trade in Endangered Species" the total of 15 species; Jiangsu province is listed as key protection animal has 17 kinds; in addition, the Yangtze River Xinjizhou Wetland National Park has many Chinese with Japan, Australia and Chinese to protect birds, included in the Sino Japanese bird protection agreement has 34 kinds; included in the China Australia migratory bird protection agreement with 9. Xinjizhou acceptance by the National Wetland Park, next year is expected to gradually open to the public. The first is to open up to the research community, followed by the student body, because it will also be built to teach.相关的主题文章:

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