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NetEase launched the first movie, the movie is no longer the network pornography – Entertainment Entertainment Sohu NetEase reported in August 23rd August 23rd, the first network movie "produced by NetEase studio of artificial intelligence: the Fu Xi awakening" exclusive login Iqiyi, Iqiyi VIP members can enjoy "artificial intelligence in the Iqiyi terminal: Fu Xi Awakening" high quality HD viewing experience. As the first Internet Movie produced by NetEase, "artificial intelligence" awakening: Fu Xi did not follow the network movie market popular soft porn, horror, comedy fashion, but the integration of high-tech, Internet business, human and other elements, NetEase and other Internet Co employees reflect the true state of. Do not follow the trend, do not blindly follow the NetEase, always adhere to the "intention of telling a good story" principle, with cinema standard strict demands on themselves, and ultimately to lower cost, to create a complete story screen texture, is higher than the market level, no, no, no violence erotic vulgar "three without large, can be described as" network movie market a stream. Do not follow the trend, not blindly, ingenuity NetEase is committed to building the "three noes" network as the network movie Chinese largest broadcast distribution platform, Iqiyi on 2014 officially will comply with the relevant national policies and regulations, more than 60 minutes long, the production level is excellent, with complete structure and capacity of pure net films, defined as "network movie". Since the birth of the concept, network movie market is a get out of hand. Especially in 2015, with the "Taoist mountain", "city" and other works as the network shanpaolv explosion models, and earn pours, more and more practitioners in this field. According to statistics and forecasts, the first quarter of 2016, the number of Internet only Iqiyi received has exceeded the total in 2015 80%; 2016 year, large market size will be close to 600 million. Ye Feng single poster with the market expansion, but it is the problem of uneven content. From the soft porn to sell, sell, sell thigh horror comedy, network movie, playing violent erotic edge ball rub and follow the trend of emerge in an endless stream; IP, the same type of theme of simple phenomenon is more and more serious, which restricts the network movie market further up the obstacle to the development of. Enter the network movie market in such a complex market environment, the NetEase did not blindly follow the trend, but starting from the field of the Internet itself the most familiar, aimed at artificial intelligence into the science fiction theme, certain elements, with ingenuity to create a city light science fiction film torture people. Jesse single poster the story of Internet game company BAT ("bat technology") control system and artificial intelligence system for the creator of the "Fu Xi" movie, with no trace of violence, pornography and other vulgar elements, but the integration of high-tech, war and human nature, diverse elements, and focus on the most complex not technical. The theme of "in-depth discussion, but the hearts of the people in the" obsession ", is a version of the Internet arena" Infernal affairs". Such a theme is the pursuit of the "three noes" system, whether or not the theme from current practice in the network movie market is rare. .相关的主题文章:

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