New family to the United States to sell 76 thousand and 800 yuan from the sale of new cars – China N

Fumeilai family car market sold 76 thousand and 800 yuan – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, 26 days, the seahorse automobile officially launched fumeilai cars and seven Fumei woodprint. These two models belong to the fumeilai family, among them, the car hit the young fumeilai family, seven seat flagship version Fumei multi family. Hope to the hippocampus car cars and seven seat version by Fu Fumei beauty jointly listed together, onslaught of sedan market, fully meet the demands of different users of the family car. Familia car equipped with the seahorse automobile independent research and development of the 1.6 liter naturally aspirated engine, a total of four models, the official guide price of 76 thousand and 800 yuan -9.28 yuan; seven seat Fumei version equipped with 1.5T turbo engine, a total of six models, the official guide price of 89 thousand and 900 yuan -12.89 yuan. Familia sedan, seven seat version of the official guide price mark for spacious family Fu Mei 7 seat majority Chinese have attached great importance to family atmosphere, love the family, happy travel. A spacious and comfortable car in order to meet the wide range of domestic users of the pursuit of the car. Seven woodprint Fumei 4750mm long, with 2800mm long wheelbase, the third row passengers can have a comfortable legroom. In addition, a seven Fumei version also has a large trunk space, can fully meet the family travel, the tourism demand loading. The United States and the United States to car body length 4698mm, wheelbase 2685mm to achieve A+ level standard. Seven woodprint and Fumei fumeilai cars are derived from the same hippocampal pure car platform, two were using the same car chassis, multi link independent suspension system of the former Mcpherson, can make driving more smoothly, improve the ride comfort. A seven Fumei version with a first-class cabin level seat, seat fabric with super fiber material, durable, environmental protection and better than the touch of leather, with a sense of luxury and comfort. Car idle noise is only 40 dB, to achieve the level of Library silence. The United States and the United States to the car’s interior also uses a natural super fiber fabric, comfortable and environmentally friendly. The instrument panel adopts the suspended stereo design, adds the intelligent driving computer liquid crystal screen, and the utility model is provided with a leather multifunction steering wheel, and the cortex is soft and comfortable. In addition, the United States and the United States to the car door trim panel ergonomic, door armrest generous, and the use of red suture, and dynamic vitality of the seat color complement each other. Equipped with independent research and development engine Fu beauty version 7 seat layout fumeilai cars and seven woodprint Fumei respectively with the seahorse automobile independent research and development of 1.6 liter naturally aspirated engine and 1.5T turbocharged engine, and the collocation of 6AT 6MT transmission, the formation of efficient combination of power. Familia with 1.6L naturally aspirated engine car the maximum power of 92kW, maximum torque of 161Nm, the movement of engine with low friction technology and the use of variable intake manifold and cylinder head cooling priority and other advanced technology, improve the combustion efficiency and power performance, reduce fuel consumption. Seven seat Fumei version equipped with 1.5T turbo engine, the maximum power of.相关的主题文章:

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