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Our water slides by "rear end" mother to save the child seriously injured (Figure) original title: slide "rear end" to save the child from the mother seriously injured in the treatment. Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the public Ms. Zhang with his mother and son to Nangong Springs Park to play, is a slide from the slide man kick hurt. Ms. Zhang multiple trauma caused by the Department, after a timely operation to save lives. Ms. Zhang believes that all staff to ride the slide will begin, cause the accident department staff negligence, so the zoo should bear the main responsibility. Lawyers said that the paradise and the man should be held responsible, such as to determine the venue management oversight due to the main responsibility for the venue. Remember to save the son was injured yesterday morning, the Beijing morning news reporters at the Beijing Beiya Hospital for Bone Disease inpatient department saw Ms. zhang. She lay down on the bed and looked very weak. Ms. Zhang said that the Mid Autumn Festival holiday in Nangong she online group purchase hot water world package, with his son and mother to play together. On the afternoon of 17, next to play big slide in the hot spring water in three of the world’s people. "That is five or six meters high slide, there is water inside, there is a pond." She recalled that the upper slide has a small decline in rail, are subject to each staff of mother and son, also under the guidance of the staff to play a few times, she is waiting at the next slide. "I am in the bottom waiting to pick up their children at the time, he has been coming, suddenly a man rushed upside down, I picked up the son to protect him by instinct, but could not escape into the water." Was standing on the side of Zhang’s mother said, the man lying on the belly of a child with a slide down, fast, kick to the waist of Ms. Zhang, several people are falling into the pool next to. "My daughter gave up the baby for the first time, but she couldn’t stand it." Zhang mother can not help but shed tears. "Down" Mr. memories, he saw the front line of a little boy. "Because only the end of the slide is half open, the rest are closed, I couldn’t see where people ask the staff to get permission before I started to slide." He told reporters, because the slide has several turns, when in the final 3 meters long straight part when he suddenly saw a child, "but I haven’t had time to react it has been hit up". After injury multiple visceral bleeding, Ms. Zhang was taken to hospital for treatment. Attending doctor Xue Bingchuan said that when she was sent to the outside without bleeding, was immediately sent to the operation room after diagnosis. "The left diaphragmatic rupture at the top of the liver, lung membrane broke a 3 cm by 11 cm hole, large intestine, small intestine, in addition to the left lung and other multiple visceral injury, the situation is more serious, the delay may have life risk." Xue Bingchuan said that due to the sudden violence will lead to serious injuries. "If it’s a child, it’s almost unbearable." Dr. Xue said that the current situation is relatively good restoration of Ms. Zhang, about half a month can be discharged. Ms. Zhang told reporters, fortunately, the child has nothing to do, has started kindergarten. Although the body is better, but the medical expenses so that Ms. Zhang is a headache. Ms. Zhang told相关的主题文章:

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