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Postpartum less than a year, the hair fell into this, how to do? The maternal mother Qiao – Sohu this time has been a treasure mother urged me to talk about postpartum alopecia, seems deeply troubled mother really is a lot! I belong to the volume of super kind, to what extent? Each shampoo can drop a lot! I also had to worry about this before, and later I know it is because my hair is too much, even if it is normal shedding more than the average person. Pull away. Hair has many troubles, such as not easy to get other, each shampoo blowing a long hair on them; less trouble will probably be more, if we encounter postpartum alopecia, ah, really have the heart to die. This does not, a few days ago, I have to leave a message to the mother, said he was less than a year after the birth, the child began to lose hair from the age of half, and now the head can see the scalp! She also joked and said: where do I comb my hair, there will be a pool of hair, the hair is not to mention, the sewer is blocked is a common thing, in a word can only be used to describe the "catastrophic". Q01: postpartum hair loss is really so terrible? Most mothers will soon appear in different degrees of hair loss, before the preparation of this article I also deliberately made a small investigation in the mother group, together to hear how they say it! Mom: don’t mention it, it’s all tears! In the months after the birth of her I also think your hair is getting better and better, which has been thought of hair loss, fall more more, now the son of a half years old, although not well off, can be a lot less obviously than before. @ mom dawn: my daughter more than 8 months, the recent hair is very powerful, do not know to have relationship with autumn. @ snotz: my son is three years old, a few months before falling hair, then gradually less, I think the wash hair is very important, so don’t be greasy scalp before washing off, or even more powerful. @ Han mother: I gave birth to the child after three or four months began to lose hair, a lot of out ah, sleep pillow is hair, casual hand stroked a stroke can lose a! Anyway, now the hair is not as much, but the new head grow a lot of broken hair, like fried, depressed! Q02: postpartum hair loss is how one thing? Is this sickness? Do not worry, postpartum hair loss is a normal phenomenon. Hair growth is greatly affected by hormones, women will produce large amounts of estrogen and progesterone in pregnancy, which makes the normal shedding of the hair has been in a growth period, so this period mothers rarely drop hair, the hair may be even better than before. And after the birth of the child, with the rapid decline in the level of hormones in the body, those "super long service" of the hair into the stationary phase, a large number of hair follicles began to shrink and shrink, hair gradually falling off. Q03: how long postpartum hair loss? How long will it last? Many mothers in postpartum 3-6 months will appear obvious hair loss, the process may last for 2-6 months, after which will continue to grow new hair, basically most of the mother in the child相关的主题文章:

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