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"That summer" version of Yan Zhuoling stills Hu Ge hair dark mystery – Yan Hu Ge mystery trend entertainment Sohu   Yan Hu Ge mystery trend     Song Jia "unkempt" [HD Photo] signs of danger appearing everywhere in the Sohu entertainment news by Song Jia, Ka Tung Lam, starring Yan Zhuoling, Hu Ge starred in the movie "friendship crime suspense that summer you where is the" national release in December 9th. The day before, the film side exposed to dirt, a group of Diablo series stills again triggering hot, Hu Ge stills very cruel means, and Song Jia, Yan Ling Zhuo jointly staged a drama of revenge. Song Jia "unkempt" faded clothes, vivid interpretation of human nature of signs of danger appearing everywhere in the film, Song Jia plays the female giants suffered, to bear the indirect lost sister’s remorse, endure cold violence mother for twelve years, in the face after the sister home, family accident prone, their safety is threatened by the panic. Song Jia admitted that this character has a lot of heart play, she looks not too exaggerated what actions and expressions, but after so many changes in the family who is both sensitive and fragile inside hard." The exposure of the stills, Song Jia in "unkempt" like image of the show, which is very different from the usual walk in the forefront of fashion to her, "this is the actor in this occupation charm, I always choose the characters are more contrast with his love." Song Jia in the previous interview, said, "the film’s sister is actually very attractive, she in the human nature of good and evil in the choice of the title, the final choice of good. This is one of the main reasons why she suffered so much." Yan Zhuoling abused violence two not mistake with the Hu Ge group "Avengers" stills, Yan Zhuoling will be the victims of panic and fear of the perpetrators of the cruel indifference are the ultimate show, in the film she and Hu Ge plays the role of the relationship between the whirling, the audience is always a hot topic, many users lamented each exposure of new materials, there are the newly discovered subversive plot." Hu Ge is the kidnapping of Yan Ling Zhuo’s murderer, but two people also have many intimate interaction, can not help but speculate two tacit group "the Avengers", twelve years after the implementation of his plan of revenge. Hu Ge said in an interview, "those who can subvert their own characters for a role is great, but I have not yet reached this stage, and it is difficult to do. I am still playing myself, each side of their own." In view of this, the role of natural Hu Ge shows some of my "rare" character in film, prior to the conference, Hu Ge has refused to admit that this role is the "villain", "each character has his two sides, no one is completely the big bad guy." Such a sincere expression and ready to accept either course, let Hu Ge play the villain in more of a sense of mystery. It is reported that the film will be landing in December 9th the national complex.相关的主题文章:

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