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The expansion of Buick GL8, as well as what ambition and change? This is a Sohu car to buy a car to ask the original share articles from the writer Charly jiang. For a long time, Buick GL8 has long been sitting on the domestic market for high-end commercial vehicles in the dominant position. Relying on its early models when there is no opponent’s advantages to establish a good reputation. Today, GL8 is still being talked about, the appearance of the atmosphere, comfortable luxury ride experience and good space, sales have not been leading a lot of suspense. When the Odyssey headed home MPV overhaul, GL8 also launched a wave of shock. So Buick will be a new generation of GL8 to the market. What’s the idea of the Avenir version of GL8? New GL8 official guidance price of 28.99~39.99 million, in addition to a special version of the car is called Avenir, priced at 459 thousand and 900 yuan. Compared to the ordinary version, Avenir will have a more luxurious and elegant interior, as well as a more unique design. Future Buick will also provide exclusive services to the owners of the series. After becoming a Avenir owner, Buick will provide 120 thousand years of private car care program for 6 years, and let the owners have exclusive reception lounge and on-site service, etc.. As Buick’s high-end brand, why the first car to choose the GL8? You know, the GL8 became well-known in the domestic MPV market, years of veteran, models of the label and impression has been formed, especially the new GL8 pricing is still in the vacuum range of domestic MPV market. In theory, the future is still hard to beat. So if you want to rely on Avenir to further shape the high-end image, and not based on the huge sales of GL8 plate quality change effect. But Buick apparently will not do not work hard to promote a high-end brand, the need for the most stable models as a support and brand. So for this point of view, GL8 is Buick’s most confident, awareness of the highest and most reliable products, its good reputation and image in the Buick system and unmanned vehicle positioning, at the same time also can afford the brand front. The new attempt is always accompanied by risks, while the stability of GL8 can reduce the risk of the occurrence of the risk. From GL8 has been the real sales structure, the proportion of commercial vehicles and family cars accounted for half. However, as the role of commercial vehicles has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, GL8 still has a lot of potential in the home sector. As Buick domestic products the price of the most expensive one, Avenir brand founded in the beginning has an excellent image, and Buick would like to take this opportunity to improve the future customer service service standards, to enter the high-end home users to lay the foundation. Therefore, according to the author, the new GL8 launch Avenir model is not the purpose of the amount, but by GL8 good product image for the Avenir brand to fight the front. The GL8 Avenir naturally will only belong to the Buick brand, GL8 models are highly recognized and not bad money minority.相关的主题文章:

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