The light of the Internet Expo in Wuzhen, the opening of the exhibition focused on technological inn zibba Internet Exhibition light Wuzhen Expo opening showcase achievements in technological innovation of science and technology – Sohu internet light on the Expo ( reporter Zhang Qichuan photo) November 15 Jiaxing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Cong) this afternoon, the third session of the World Conference of the Internet? The internet light Expo opened in Zhejiang Wuzhen. The Internet is the light Expo Forum of the general assembly, the leading global Expo, released the results of three functional blocks of, and in the 15 – 19 day during starting and display China Internet development achievements and the international forefront, interactive experience, to lead the future of the global Internet and new technology achievements. In the Expo press conference, deputy director of the state Internet Information Office Information Development Bureau Zhong Shilong introduction, the current internet light Expo booth, including fixed release, new technology and new product project cooperation three functions, and officially opened the permanent exhibition in Wuzhen International Exhibition Center, the Internet, 310 foreign Internet companies will be distributed in the "1+14" exhibition hall?. During the Expo will be held in 118 new products and new technology release activities and the activities of the 5 projects to discuss cooperation. Unisplendour Group Chairman Zhao Weiguo, Foxconn group general manager Jian Yibin, deputy general manager of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation Hu Aimin et al also attending the press conference, on the Internet or innovation in the economic transformation of the role of intelligent plant construction and application of Internet technology, a new type of smart city construction of the latest achievements and application of wireless communication technology, big data and network situation awareness system space defense, network security personnel training, the driving force of innovation and innovation in the economic development of the role of answered questions, and introduced around the display their enterprise Internet in the "light" Exhibition on new technology and new products and features highlights. Source: CCTV network image source: CCTV network相关的主题文章:

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