The line is also hot! Haikou some businesses do not lose electricity supplier sold over 2 million yu

The line is also hot! Haikou some businesses do not lose the electricity supplier to sell over 2 million yuan of Hainan merchants force online did not grab actually in the mall price and buy online almost even cheaper, the Southern Metropolis Daily News November 11th (reporter Tan Qi) "I want this pair of shoes 36 yards." "Do you have any black?" Friendship Square shoe store crowded shopping guide, Xiao Wang is busy serving customers, even the water did not have time to drink a morning. "Double 11" on the same day, the reporter visited the Haikou old district Wanghai International Plaza, Friendship Plaza, international metropolis and Pearl Square, several large department stores, in the face of the hot line "double 11" promotional activities, Haikou line department stores have also held the promotion, not taking the limelight transmission. Hot line hot line of Haikou and some businesses do not lose business to buy soft online and offline store promotion Qi not lose business limelight. This pair of shoes last night I did not grab, did not think there is." A brand of shoe Friendship Square, the public Ms. Zhang said excitedly. By eating a lunch break in the gap, Ms. Zhang went to the Friendship Square to go shopping, but accidentally buy their favorite goods. This pair of shoes is a new winter, I have to watch for a long time, but did not grab the hand slowly yesterday." Ms. Zhang did not expect, the shop under the line there are goods, but also the same as the price of the internet. Double 11 is not just the promotion of electricity suppliers, our company would like to create a line of promotional activities under the linkage." The brand shop manager Chen said, the store’s merchandise and styles on the network are basically the same, the same discount is 50 percent off, "to the store to buy, can try, do not spend time delivery, return is also convenient." Chen said that in the shop can also enjoy free maintenance service, today’s traffic is relatively flat day to say that the number of growth." Department store anniversary promotion than online shopping is also cost-effective working day Wanghai International Plaza crowd still, shopping malls everywhere carrying shopping bags to customers, the cashier also lined up to pay. Ms. Qin people earlier in a women’s clothing brand shop fancy a coat, ready to wait for "double eleven" discount "before the start, this coat buy 1290," double eleven "price of more than and 500, I am in Wanghai International Plaza membership card deposit money, plus the store over 600 minus 200 the activities of the store Neimaibi cheaper online." Ms. Qin said that in the store can also choose to buy their own code and color. "These two days of temperature drop, consumers to buy autumn and winter goods." The brand shopping guide said, at present the brand online sales is also very popular, many styles of clothes are out of stock, but the store inventory is relatively sufficient. Consumer groups and online shopping consumer groups are different, we pay more attention to the quality of goods and service attitude." Seaview International Plaza Planning Manager Chen Xinxiao said. Chop hand "found a netizen Haikou account stolen Taobao account is now 41 pen orders to be paid for the Southern Metropolis Daily News November 11th (reporter Wang Xiaochang) 11 am, phase.相关的主题文章:

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