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"Sing" masked welcome sailor   Wowkie Zhang insisted that "my mother" — Guizhou — Jiangsu satellite TV channel will sing "masked guess" this week will usher in a new supplement to sing "beautiful girl with a roar of the soldiers at the sight of injustice". Water ice on the other by the appearance of a girl, people can not help heart bud. Although from a slightly fatter body can be seen in the "beautiful girl" might have been middle-aged, but her performance on the stage yet lively and lovely. Guess jury Wowkie Zhang is more like abnormal tenderness to her, even at the scene also called: "that’s my mom right." With the "masked song will guess guess" the program continues to broadcast, sent a bit old sing will, will usher in a new fill sing. In the third phase of the program, the new appearance of the "roar at the sight of injustice sailor" caused a guess jury interest in Wowkie Zhang, on the stage of the lively and cheerful personality made no secret of his admiration, affection shows between the lines. In the process of interaction between the two, but also vaguely aware of their mutual exchanges of intimacy. While we suspect Wowkie Zhang and the girl is not old acquaintance, a word that the audience stunned words burst out from the mouth of Wowkie Zhang: "that’s my mom right." Familiar with Wowkie Zhang’s friends are aware of his relationship with his parents has been very harmonious, in the interview, also said: "my parents are my best friend". In fact, Wowkie Zhang’s mother had a liberal attitude to his education, so that he is different from the vast majority of young people, even in adolescence, Wowkie Zhang did not have any contradiction with his mother. Wowkie Zhang mother itself is cheerful and lively, had earlier stated Wowkie Zhang sometimes spoke directly is very funny, a large part of the reason is also under their influence, then makes many users lamented: "the original piece hand talent is hereditary." It is worth mentioning that it is because of their delicate relationship between mother and child is a direct result of Wowkie Zhang was able to connect with 4,50 year old woman. In the new phase of the program, Wowkie Zhang in the face of the sailor, showed different real feelings. "The masked song will guess guess" is a pluralistic singing stage, so that can let Wowkie Zhang called "mother" will be in the end is really his mother, or his circle of middle-aged friends? This also makes this Sunday evening 20:30 Jiangsu satellite TV, "masked song will guess guess" program has a new look. (commissioning editor Zhu Xiaohui and Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章:

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