The workplace rookie must see taught you very good clock painting workplace makeup bree daniels

The workplace rookie must see taught you very good makeup workplace clock painting lead: long time no see Satomi Ishihara is a career Look good material, think of her in the "9 to 5" handsome monk fell in love with me as it is elegant and stylish OL, the workplace Look makeup sweet, gentle, around "the President handed monk", intimate boss, charming men have attracted to her! (PClady) OL at the beginning of the heart must see more recently, PC sauce as a single small Wang is not willing to be Korean sugar abuse, switch after Japanese arms, inexplicable love marriage back Paiju sister Keiko Kitagawa, she is a Japanese OL personality as full, let sister short ciliary national favorability soaring! Keiko Kitagawa in the drama of the OL style qiao~ dress beautiful Satomi Ishihara not seen for a long time Satomi Ishihara is now more and more red, according to the PC sauce out, most Japanese fashion magazine in September 10, the monthly cover is "ten yuan" teacher. In fact, with small workplace OL the arrival of autumn, gardenia open graduation season away, students are very small sister chose natural upgraded to become a career OL, may also have a lot of senior level predecessors for the job interview, so it is akin to date is as important as the workplace LOOK! Workplace makeup so how to draw a good impression? The basic rule is to create the impression that others will be happy to get along with you. This requires makeup clean and friendly, not strong, sharp, also had better not too gorgeous. The most important fresh makeup beauty to workplace look smart and professional, fresh and delicate makeup look is essential, most can win favor. The air cushion foundation generally concealer, thin and translucent with makeup, is a very good choice, but also create a good foundation cushion foundation quick choice artifact. The most natural Curved Eyebrow Curved Eyebrow intellectual nature’s understanding whether you believe it or not, the whole makeup most about the temperament of the eyebrows! As a small OL, regardless of the high value of the Yan is not high, with intellectual temperament will not always go wrong. So don’t eyebrows do not have too big too small radian, maintain eyebrows natural form is the best. If the eyebrow shape is not good enough, you can use eyebrow pencil to draw natural micro curved eyebrow. "Ten yuan" sister "ten yuan" sister favor curved eyebrow is not required to accentuate the eyebrow, frown to draw eyebrow tail along the natural curvature, then slightly extend the eyebrow tail OK! OL is working to makeup and not on vacation, if excessive makeup is lacking strong charming dignified sense of performance. False eyelashes do not need more false eyelashes, baby, or leave the ladder makeup! 1 eyes. The first light brown or beige Eyeshadow as rendering color on the entire eyelid department. 2. With pink eye shadow from the eye head to the direction of the end of the eye, smear to slightly wider than the double fold eyelid position. 3. Finally, apply the deep brown from the root of the lashes to the tail of the eye and the lower end of the eye. If it is very sparse eyelashes sister paper, can very light brush a layer of mascara. The girls themselves eyelashes OK, on.相关的主题文章:

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