To attract more foreign aid Beikong NBA team on the Iran defender or retired stand by me shinee

To attract more foreign aid Beikong NBA team on Iran defender Kamlani may choose to retire or retire from the army team in Beijing Beikong tonight to end his move into a new home after the first season. "Beijing Youth Daily" reported today in the performance of the team in a season is summarized, and the prospect of future capital rooted Beikong basketball. The end of the season after season Beikong team to several foreign aid has become a topic of concern to most fans. According to the "Beijing youth" reported that foreign aid Batista is likely to renew and Beikong team, and Wright was like the Spurs, rockets, etc. the Clippers NBA team’s favor. As for the Asian foreign aid guard Kamlani, he seems to want to choose to end his basketball career at the end of the season. As the new marshal, Beikong coach Wang Xidong admits, in their growth together with the team. After this season, he is also more clearly how to get along with his players. However, together with the team to take root in the capital, they still have a long way to go. In the playoffs is the next phase of the target, which is also related to them in the capital can increase the influence and degree of concern. (small meat)

北控外援吸引多支NBA球队关注 伊朗后卫或退役 卡姆拉尼可能会选择退役   京城新军北控队将在今晚结束自己搬入新家后的首个赛季。《北京青年报》在今天的报道中对球队一个赛季的表现做了总结,同时也展望了北控男篮扎根京城的前景。   结束了本赛季后,北控队几名外援下赛季的去向成了球迷最关心的话题。据《北京青年队》报道,大外援巴蒂斯塔很可能会与北控队续约,而赖特受到了诸如马刺、火箭、快船等多支NBA球队的青睐。至于亚洲外援控卫卡姆拉尼,他似乎想在本赛季结束后选择结束自己的篮球生涯。   作为这支新军的少帅,北控主帅王锡东坦言,自己在与球队一起成长。经过了这一个赛季,他也更清楚了该如何与手下的球员相处。不过,要想与球队一起扎根京城,他们还有很长的路要走。进入季后赛就是下一个阶段的目标,这也关系着他们在京城能否提高影响力与受关注度。   (小鲜肉)相关的主题文章:

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