Urban road traffic accident to patrol the wounded man was like the rain umbrella winsockfix

Urban road traffic accident to patrol the injured elderly umbrella rain won the praise of the newspaper news (chief reporter Zhao Lili) rain, slippery road. A car rear end for recycling old man riding a tricycle, the old man was injured on the ground. Two law enforcement officers chased through here rushed, rushed to the emergency rescue, and the rain umbrella for the elderly. "As the old man falls rain, an umbrella for help, to the two of the inspectors praise." Recently, this is accompanied by two pictures of micro-blog attracted many users have points praise. Yesterday morning, the reporter linked to the Beilin District City Management Bureau relevant responsible person said, they do not know the matter, after seeing the photos said, "for the elderly is our director of an umbrella law enforcement squadron members Yin Xinyong, another clear fragments of glass on the road is the squadron member Xiao Tian." Subsequently, the reporter contacted Yin Xinyong, he said, October 25th at 4:10 in the afternoon, he and his colleagues Xiao Tian along Changan route south to North patrol to the South on the north side of the South Gate Primary School cross tip door door, saw an old man riding a ride from primary school before the door to the street tricycle, car are filled with empty beer bottles and will at this time, a white car next to more than two cars, an instant hit a tricycle rear compartment, the old man fell down instantly from the tricycle on the carriage, the bottles of wine everywhere. Xiao Tian and I saw this situation, immediately parked in the car on the roadside, I rushed up to see the old man’s physical condition, found that the elderly at the age of 60 years old, the face of blood, the two legs can not move. I wanted to get help for the elderly, help the elderly but just one arm, the elderly are very painful sore, about two damage caused by improper rescue, I immediately call 120. At this time, the car hit the driver came to the old man panicked, I worried about the driver fled, to the car and the people have to take pictures after the alarm. Since the rain was still under the stop, waiting for the 120 process, I took the umbrella from the patrol car to the elderly, I did not expect to be a pedestrian to ‘candid’." Yin Xinyong said.相关的主题文章:

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