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"We have come to the" Joe Chen exposed next year wedding scene bridesmaids – Sohu set up   entertainment; Joe Chen exposed Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news to get married next year "we have come to the" high ratings go all the way, highlights the Tengchong station seventh phase in the Friday 20:20 broadcast. The guests came to the Yunnan Tengchong sea of flowers, and the taste of the local characteristics in the flowers of the "flower feast", is a natural high spirits, Joe Chen said it is always straight talk from an honest man is going to get married next year, and to please the other female guests as their own. Product of truth about flowers feast Joe Chen ideal will be broadcast on Friday in the Tengchong station show, guests came to the "sea", a taste of the local characteristics of the "flower feast, feast to full swing, the guests talked about his love life, always lively and funny Joe Chen asked himself the ideal type of boys" is what. Wang Han quipped: you must find a drink!" Joe Chen, said that his ideal boyfriend does not have to be able to drink, but must love to drink, and to have their own relatively close interest, so that we can talk about. Everyone laughed and said Joe Chen not looking for a boyfriend, but buddy". He must marry the scene set up next year the bridesmaids Joe Chen in order to prove that he is in serious talk about their expectations of future boyfriend, heroic put relentless said that he must get married next year, and will be the presence of Sheenah, Xi Mengyao and Jiang Yiyan to do bridesmaids. Carina Lau domineering upright and asked: "why don’t you ask my sister, Angie and Karen Mok?" Joe Chen smiled and explained, "you’re married." From Carina Lau shouted: "open your mind!" Wang Han took over the incumbent, booing asked Joe Chen: "do not get married next year?" The head of the Joe Chen series are all "cold water", had laughed: "no conclusion that there is no way ah!" The atmosphere was driven by her lovely Taiwan cavity. Since his debut, Joe Chen has been dedicated to the quality of hardship as we all know, and now she is looking forward to the popularity of what kind of boyfriend, is also highly regarded. Yunnan Tengchong magnificent scenery will let other guests reveal explosive truth of what? After listening to what kind of reaction? Please look forward to this Friday 20:20, Hunan satellite TV "we are coming"!相关的主题文章:

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