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Yang Zishan: and Zheng Kai sparks quarrel play best Guoli Zhang, Zheng Kai, Jiang Shan, Yang Zishan morning news reporter Yin by Wang Wanping [micro-blog] Kim Ye screenwriter, directed the TV series "haven’t met in a long time" is hot shot. Recently, the show opened to the media set, Yang Zishan [micro-blog], Zheng Kai [micro-blog], Guoli Zhang [micro-blog], Jiang Shan [micro-blog] starring appeared together. Because busy to take care of her daughter, in recent years, Jiang Shan exposure on the screen is not high, this time is directed at the Guoli Zhang. Although Jiang Shan had just met Guoli Zhang when he graduated from the University, the play was the first time that the two men were working together. "When the producer told me to sign the teacher, I jumped down from the chair," said mr.. I have been looking for opportunities to cooperate with the national brother, this cooperation after the greatest feeling is not too high." Guoli Zhang Jiang Shan "haven’t met in a long time" "" haven’t met in a long time is a "chronological" contemporary drama from SARS after the rapid development of China within ten years, great changes in the real estate and commercial era of Internet entrepreneurs under the tide. The play, played by Guoli Zhang He Wenhua on his wife’s power of middle-aged people to rise head and shoulders above others lack of emotional communication, and finally the temptation betrayed the family and lovers. Yelena Jiang Shan played youth after delivery encounter betrayal, on the verge of collapse, turned to war on the old lover. The family disputes caused by the war, gradually burned to two businesses, home fighting gradually evolved into a commercial war, more and more people involved. In Guoli Zhang’s view, long time no see, not only refers to the relationship between people, but also the relationship between love and feelings, in fact, people are seen every day, but turn a blind eye. "Long time no see" is to let us find that kind of family together with the warmth of the true love." And the writer Wang Wanping in the "golden" in a pleasant cooperation, is an important reason for Guoli Zhang to join the show, "I have a natural trust in her script". "Haven’t met in a long time" Jiang Shan, Guoli Zhang and a partner’s desire. For this cooperation, Guoli Zhang apparently also look forward to: "we really long time no see. We knew when Jiang Shan graduated from college. This time, can finally be together filming." Zheng Kai Yang Zishan sparks has focused on filming Yang Zishan and the filming of the TV series, in addition to being the script to attract, but also because of "Bole" [micro-blog] Zhao Wei encouraged her to try more ways. The play, she and Zheng Kai following the "Youth" again, never played a pair of dozen strangers to find common dreams and the pursuit of the quarrelsome lovers. Who plays the son of Guoli Zhang Zheng Kai, their role is not to make the "handsome", "he is a collection of all kinds of contradictions and dramatic roles, many dying, feels lonely, eager to prove their efforts." Yang Zishan said with a smile, worked experience let two people in the shooting of a tacit understanding, and even "sparks", "I discovered that in fact we still fight my best. As long as we have a quarrel, there is a natural ‘hatred’ revealed." Two young actors also won the show相关的主题文章:

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