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Zigong 7 van crazy into the 28 people in a closely packed full of people (Figure) Zigong (micro-blog) 7 van crazy into the 28 people in a closely packed full of people of Sichuan Zigong online channel news (reporter Rong Xia Liu Yi) a core set of only 7 people in the van, even hard for 28 people, of which there are 25 primary school students. The afternoon of October 21st, Zigong Traffic Police Brigade police investigation after Yantan road traffic accident, on the way back to this car crazy van caught. In the afternoon at 16:20 PM, police in the town of Golden Village two groups via the rich village road, a van oncoming, through the front window, saw the side driving the car sat 3 kids, and went straight to look inside the car, a black, packed full of people. From the cab to the driver’s cab, from the cab to the back of the car, from the back of the car to the end of the box there is no gap, holding, folded, anyway, it is full of people." After investigation, the car contained 7 nuclear, carrying 28 people inside the car, a total of 3 adults, 1 for the car driver Chen Mouhai, 2 for the transfer of the parents of the students, the remaining 25 are rich in the town center primary school students in reading. Chen Hai said that the car by students, large per capita is the living town rich gold south village, and they are "village village, next to a neighborhood near", most parents are working outside in the doll, only the elderly grandparents home, because the school far from home, children, the school is almost always sit two wheel vehicle, tricycle or van. This afternoon after school hours to his next to the full center primary school after finishing, the occasional neighbors pick grandchildren from school. Due to the human, will take the initiative to greet Chen sea by car to go home. Who knows, the neighbors in the car, with the remaining more than and 20 students with all like a swarm of bees on the bus. "The children are aware, I also inconvenience to the mandatory call off the shout and wrangle, anyway, think of one person is sitting, sitting, and several dozens of individual is sitting, and open is the little village road, traffic police will not be reckoned." Thus, the driver of the car on the sea, the sea is simply hard to start the car. Life or something like it, it is close to the destination, and even traffic accident investigation the police encounter, was caught red handed. Subsequently, the police patiently explained the dangers of serious overcrowding to Chen Mouhai, ordered to immediately get off the car ride all the staff, and for the sake of the safety of the children, the police have all the children back to their home security. Chen Mouhai was very sorry, on the spot said that the future must learn a lesson, do not have luck, must strictly comply with the law on road traffic safety law, civilized and safe driving, ensure traffic safety. Currently, the case is under further investigation. Next, the police will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the illegal driver Chen Mouhai be severely punished for road traffic safety violations. The Beach police hope that through the network, to remind the driver: "overload ultra dangerous" life security. Do not covet cheap, and buy themselves and the safety of passengers regardless, only abide by the law is the best safety train". Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of large trucks overloaded by law相关的主题文章:

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